‘A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes…’

‘Follow your dreams’ seems like such a cliché statement to make; but if you stop and think about it, it really does make sense. I harp on in my other blogs about how important happiness is, and if you’re chasing something you really want to do, surely it will make you happy?

Now for this blog, I’m obviously planning on telling you my opinion on dreams and what my dreams were/are and there will be many of you sitting there thinking; “Didn’t she dream of being a teacher?” Yes, I have always wanted to be a teacher. From the day that I lined my teddy bears up on my bed and used my chalkboard (that my parents bought for me) to teach them all Maths, to the day I had an amazing Drama teacher of my own and decided I wanted to be just like her. I have always wanted to be a teacher. Just thinking about that makes me feel incredibly lucky to say that I have achieved something I set out to achieve, and it makes me even happier to say (and my friend will be glad to read this, you know who you are) I think I’m actually quite good at it now (sorry if this seems big headed, I am just being truthful as I promised to be). So yes, I have already achieved a dream as such but, I am only human and there are dreams of careers and there are dreams of bigger things. This blog is for the bigger things in life.


In parents’ evening the other night, I told a pupil that they should follow their dreams. I told them to “never give up”, that they “could go far” and to “have faith” that they “could achieve anything they wanted”. Now, these sound like corny phrases that I have thrown at them to boost their confidence, but I genuinely meant every word; I really want that pupil to chase their dream and to do everything they can to get it. I want them to do what I was too afraid to do. I came home from that parents’ evening feeling a bit of a hypocrite and a little envious that their dreams were still in reach.

Ever since I was very young I have wanted to be a performer. In fact, on my commute to work on Thursday morning, Chris Evans played ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’ as the Golden Oldie, and memories of my singing came flooding back. I used to sing that song at the top of my voice and even when I was unsure of the lyrics, I’d “la, la, la” my way through to the end; I loved it. I’m not too sure what stopped me pursuing this dream. It can’t have been the support from my family because (as mentioned before) they are incredibly supportive with everything I do. I guess it was a lack of confidence, the thought that I wouldn’t be as good as others and the idea of having setbacks. I wasn’t (and I’m still not) sure if I was strong enough to handle criticism about something I loved doing. Mum and dad bought me a karaoke machine for my birthday one year. It came with a microphone and a stand and I used to sing and dance in front of the mirror, imagining I was singing to thousands of people. The likes of Britney SpearsSamantha Mumba and S Club 7 would come blaring out of my room and I would close my eyes and dream about being like them. Over the years, the dream has changed but the root of it, the idea of singing for a living, has very much remained in my life and I think it always will.


As close as I’ll get to my dream, singing with Keith Allen.

Now when I say the next line, some of you (those older than me) will be a little frustrated because you may not agree but…I think my time for singing professionally has gone, and here’s the killer…I think I’m too old. Don’t get me wrong, I’m only 27, I know I have (hopefully) a lot of life left in me and I know I could go on to try and pursue my dream if I wanted to but I have other priorities now; other dreams I guess. I have dreams of getting married (sorry Dan) and having babies (sorry Dan) and doing everything I can to support my kids whilst spending as much time with them and Dan as possible (and the rest of my gorgeous family and friends of course). If I was to pursue my dream of singing it would take up a lot of my time, time that I would want to be spending with them.


So my dreams have changed to suit my life, but I still have them and I still want to do things that I enjoy whilst my family (hopefully, sorry Dan) grows; hence, the blog which (I’m not sure if you can tell) I am absolutely loving doing. Since I started writing these I have had a range of comments, most of them are lovely I must admit and I am over the moon with these; they make me feel amazing! In fact, someone asked me in work yesterday; “are you doing another blog this weekend?” and just them asking me that, made my day; so thank you if you’re reading this! I have had one comment though that although wasn’t really negative, did get me thinking (as many things do). The comment was, “some people may not get it”; which ironically, I do get. Some people may not understand why I choose to tell all you lovely people my thoughts or, better yet, why you would want to read them! Now, whilst I can’t answer the question on why you would want to read them (I am so so glad you do and I check my visitors to my page at least 30 times a day, if not more) I thought I could attempt to explain why I do it in the first place and I think this is the perfect blog to do it.IMG_20150425_141822[1]

My blogging corner; my new favourite place!

Basically, as I have been getting older, my dreams have changed and even though I still LOVE singing and playing the guitar, I no longer see it as an achievable dream. My new dream is to be a writer (that sounds flippant but it comes from my heart); to get some writing out there! So I am, and I absolutely love it. I am loving just sitting here writing, I love hitting the publish button and I love the idea of just one person reading what I’ve written and thinking it’s good. I sit here (see my blog corner above) writing my blogs and I am lost in my own little world. I don’t think of anything or anyone (selfishly) else and I just type, in hope that someone reads and relates or just enjoys. I dream of being able to reach people like others do, like Zoella, Tanya Burr, Giovanna Fletcher and loads of other bloggers do. So, when people ask me why I bother, I’ll just tell them “because it’s my dream, it’s what I love doing” and if anyone asks why I write about myself all the time, I’ll tell them it’s “because I consider myself to be lucky enough to be surrounded by inspiration to write wherever I go, and whether it is about me or something else, I will keep writing because it’s my dream.” I will also tell them that “for once in my life, I’m not keeping my dreams for when I’m sleeping and lying down on them, I’m waking up and I’m chasing them.”


Everyone has inspiration for their dreams and by doing this, I not only hope to achieve my dream, I hope to inspire others to achieve theirs. I don’t feel so much of a hypocrite then! I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog and it has given you a little push to step a little closer to your dreams!

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