Why can’t I ‘just do it’?

I have been putting this blog off for a little while…for many reasons really, but the main reasons are that I am lazy, not motivated and dread the idea of exercising; a terrible combination really! I knew as soon as this was published, I would have to keep to my word or I would look a fool, and this was something I was (and still am) worried about.

It’s terrible but for a long time I’ve lacked any interest in competing in sports. In school, I used to pray the teacher wasn’t in or that we were having a lesson in the gym so that I could hide how little work I was actually doing. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy taking part in some sport, sometimes; but it’s very rare; like a little trip to the basketball court with Dan or a bodyboarding sesh when we’re camping! It happens, it’s just very rare.


Bodyboarding fun!

IMG_3550Basketball with my main man.


When I was tiny (and I mean young because some may say I’m short now) pretty much my whole family adored walking and went walking whenever they were all together. Then you’d have me, who used to HATE it! Everyone would want to go for a walk, and I’d have to go with. But don’t you worry, I made my thoughts on this pretty clear. I would stomp, cry, whine, drag my feet and I think I actually may have kicked my granny’s ankles at some point too (please don’t judge me; I was young, stupid and obviously wouldn’t do this now). I actually love walking now, I joke to my parents about how I don’t complain on walks anymore and that’s simply because I really enjoy them. I appreciate the fresh air on my face and the scenery around me a lot more than I did then.


Sitting down on our walk, of course I am!

In fact, AFTER I’ve completed any exercise, I remember I love it. What I lack, is the motivation to do it; to get into my P.E kit (Dan finds it funny that I call it this) and to put one foot in front of the other and either make it to the gym or on a run. I have no push and anyone who tries to push me, will just get glared at.

One thing I do complete each year (other than the record of chocolate eating) is the ‘Race for Life’ with my mum. This is only a 5K run but for me, this is an achievement. I run 5K and raise money for cancer. We have been doing this for over 10 years now and it’s something mum and I do together and I love it. In years gone by, I have trained for this and I have loved it. I think that is my favourite thing to do (if I had to choose); run.


Race for Life 2014

When I do exercise, running is what I will choose above anything else. Dan bought me some lovely new Nike running trainers last year and I do intend on getting them out more often, I promise. Read on and you’ll see how.


I love them.

At one point, I was also training with Dan in the gym (I often wonder what that boy sees in me, haha). I’m very lucky, I have a boyfriend who is a qualified personal trainer and will do anything to help me get fitter. Not because he wants me to change but because it’s good for me and my health; it is. There’s absolutely no getting away from it, exercise needs to be done in order to stay fit and healthy and that is why I am writing this blog. I’m writing it because I need to do more, for a few reasons really:

  1. ‘Race for Life’ is coming around again (on June 14th, my birthday) so I need to be ready for this.
  2. I am very unfit and although consider myself to be slightly active (don’t sit on my bum for too long) I need to do a lot more to become fitter.
  3. I want to live a long, healthy life and as much as it pains me to say it, exercise is the way forward.
  4. I do actually enjoy it and feel amazing once it’s done, so if I could just get myself out there, I know it would be good for my mind too.


Me after a run last year.

So, this is it; I’m going to do it and what better way to motivate myself than by saying, “I’m going to let all of you know how I get on”. I plan to do a bit of running, maybe even have a look into a yoga class (to help with my mindfulness) and even go to the gym with Dan one day. Each day I exercise (I’m planning two days a week to start with then build it up to three) I will blog about how it has gone and I will be brutally honest. I’m hoping that there are other people out there who are reading this blog and saying, “I feel exactly the same” and will therefore take some motivation/inspiration from this blog and do it with me?


I have added a new page to my website called ‘Just did it…’ and all my fitness posts can be found there, in the drop down menu. I’d love it if you did it with me and comment as you go along too. I went for my first run today and you can find that blog over on that page now.

Wish me luck…

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