Why do we waste our time, wishing it away?

We often wonder why time is going so fast. We complain of having too much to do and not enough time. We often complain about getting older; the wrinkles, the grey hairs, oh how the list goes on!. However, whilst we’re busy moaning about all of this, we’re the ones who are also busy wishing it upon ourselves.  We are the ones who say “I wish it was Friday” or “I wish it was the summer holidays”. Isn’t it funny how we spend most of our life, wishing it away?1430590232783[1]

The other day I woke up,  I got ready for work, ate my breakfast and before I left I said to Dan, “I can’t wait for today to be over” (I feel a little bit sad saying that now). That very same day I was texting Nic back and forth and we were both saying, “it’s nearly Friday, I can’t wait” as if we wanted our weeks to be over before they’d even begun. This made me think and wonder, do I spend more time wishing time away than being grateful for it in the first place?


My lovely text from Nic.

I understand that we all plan exciting things, trust me I do, I am looking forward to my girly weekend on the 16th May, I can’t wait! We all look forward to our plans and therefore want them to come around quicker but rather than enjoying the feeling of leading up to it, we moan that we have to wait for too much time before it comes. Isn’t that a little impatient? A little ungrateful? Shouldn’t we be grateful for the time we have, each moment of the day?


A jumper I saw today (after I had started this blog), how ironic!

I’ve found a huge flaw in this idea of wishing time away, this craving for the next day; what if when we wish our day away, the next never comes? It’s a horrible thought, but it’s a thought we have to have. Nic always says to me “you could die tomorrow” and “you can’t take it to heaven” which, when thinking about it, is very true. I hope it doesn’t happen, but it might. Now, I’m not saying that we should all go out and spend all we have and panic, I just think it’s worth a thought.


As humans, we are very, very good at regretting things we have or haven’t done (believe me, I’m the worst). We are masters of the “what if…” scenerio and the “oh, if only I had done this…”. We are great at looking back and looking forward but what about the here? What about the now? Surely that’s what matters most.


I’ve talked a lot in my blogs about being calm, how Mindfulness can help and the whole point of Mindfulness is to live each moment and appreciate it, to live in the now and to be aware of what we are doing and how we are feeling, here and now. I think a little more of this needs to be going on in our world.

So, I decided to try this out. I got home from work one day and Dan and I both really fancied a Marks and Spencer’s pizza (they are delicious).


“A lovely cheese pizza, just for me!”

Anyway, Marks and Spencer is only a 5 minute drive away but me being me, I couldn’t be bothered to go anywhere; I moaned a little and then decided to just go. Normally, that drive would be such a hassle for me, something I resented doing a little (pathetic I know) as all I would want to do is go home and relax. However, I decided to try something, I decided to make the most of every moment I had in the car, on my own and I did; I put on my Spotify playlist (VERY loud) and sang my heart out making sure I was aware of every feeling it was giving me and, all of a sudden, I had a huge smile on my face. Rather than being consumed by frustration at having to drive (for something I wanted, I know) I was enjoying the drive. If you’ve read my ‘Positive Thoughts’ then you’ll already know the story about the little girl who looked a lot like me. If you don’t, you can see it here, Friday 1st May 2015, to catch up. Anyway, when this happened with the little girl, rather than be grumpy and annoyed that she had been so rude or been embarrassed because I was singing my heart out, I decided to laugh and sing even louder. I even turned it up to give her a better chance of hearing it. Now, this might not seem like a big deal but I had turned something that would normally be forgotten about and ignored, into a moment in my life I enjoyed and am grateful for; I know it seems deep and perhaps unrealistic, but it’s true. At least it’s not a moment wasted on a frown, I guess.


Me in Primary School, next to Nic!

I’d love you all to try it; take a moment that you would normally wish away and make more of it. I plan to do it more often. For example, I have many a moment in work when a pupil makes me smile and rather than forget this feeling and wish my day away (so I can go home and have a cuppa), I will cherish the feeling they gave me! Just remember, when this minute passes, you can never get it back. When this day passes, you won’t be able to change it.


Cherish each day, including today!

Don’t get me wrong, there will still be days when I would rather not do something, there will still be days I look forward to getting home and often look forward to bed; I am, after all, only human but I’m going to try and make those days fewer than before and make the most of my life.

Well let’s face it, we only get one don’t we!


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    1. Aww thanks Ali…😊 So kind. Please feel free to share. Thank you so much for your comments and likes means a lot. I’m loving reading your blogs and looking at your pictures. You have a gorgeous family xxx

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