I get by with a little help from my friends!

Friends are an extremely important part of a content life; I think anyway! I rant and rave about how amazing Dan is (because he is) and how amazing my family are (because they are) however, I don’t feel I’ve paid tribute to my friends enough in my blogs. So, here it is.


The Google definition of a friend is “a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection” but I don’t think that does the word or the meaning any justice whatsoever. If I was to define the word ‘friend’ I think I would say:

 ‘Someone who is always there when needed, someone you can trust, someone that you can laugh uncontrollably with and someone you couldn’t do without.’ 

That’s what my friends mean to me! Google also suggests some synonyms and these are ‘companion, associate, confidant, comrade’ etc. I don’t think there’s a word quite like the word ‘friend’; I don’t think any of those synonyms fit my friends quite as good as ‘friend’. The word ‘friend’ makes me smile because I have such amazing memories with my friends and I’m still making them.


I am very lucky, I have so many friends in so many different places that wherever I go, I am hardly ever alone. I think there are different groups of friends and friends that you make under different circumstances but, when it boils down to it, a friend is a friend wherever or whenever you meet. I have made lots of different friends in lots of different circumstances. I have friends who have been there since day #1 (literally), I have friends who I don’t see much of anymore but who I know will always be there and will always love them dearly and I have work friends who I have made best friends out of. I know that I will always love all of my friends forever.


Now, I could go on and list my groups of friends and what they mean to me and who is who bla bla bla…however, I don’t need to. My true friends know who they are and they know they mean the world to me. I don’t really think me telling all of you all about them would benefit you or make good reading. So, what I thought I would do instead is tell you what I love most about my friends and how they make me happy. Now, whilst my friends do A LOT to make me happy, here are the 8 main things (mushy alert):

1. They care: When my friends ask me if I’m okay, I know it’s not a sweeping statement, I know they truly care about the answer and them caring, makes me feel loved.

2. They smile: I surround myself with happy people. We are only human, and we all have the odd day when we’re not feeling great but my friends are positive people and their smile makes me happy

3. They support me: Through thick and thin, they are always there saying “well done, I knew you could do it” or “you don’t give yourself enough credit, you can do this!” For their forever support, I am grateful!


4. They make me laugh: My God, do they make me laugh! Sometimes, when I’m with my friends, I laugh so hard my cheeks hurt. That’s the best kind of laughter!

5. They never judge me: Sometimes, I have my off days. Sometimes, I do stupid things; my friends never judge me for this and I love them for that.

6. They understand: Work takes over now and again, I read my texts and forget to reply; they understand. I cancel dates sometimes, they understand and text me saying “I hope you’re okay”.

7. They ‘get‘ me: They may not ‘get‘ some things I do or say but they ‘get‘ me and that’s all that matters.


8. They love me: Through bad times and good, they love me…

…and I love them!


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