My Weekly Positives – June 28th 2015

Hello everyone! I hope you are all well! Happy Sunday peeps! Here are my weekly positives for this week, enjoy! Name the things that made you smile this week: – I had a tidy and put my radio downstairs. I think it is beautiful! – Loads of lovely presents from my year 11's. Although it was … Continue reading My Weekly Positives – June 28th 2015

Be yourself, love yourself!

Why do we always compare ourselves to other people? Why do we always say, “I wish I was like …” or “I wish I could … like …” Why can’t we just be happy with the way we are or the way we look? Why do we always have to have what someone else has … Continue reading Be yourself, love yourself!

My Weekly Positives – June 21st 2015

Hi everyone! I hope you're all well. I'm sorry it's been a little while since my last positive blog. It does not mean that I have been a negative wreck or even had a bad week. See, the thing is, by the time I get home from work, do my marking, make my dinner and … Continue reading My Weekly Positives – June 21st 2015

A Real Life Peter Pan

I was driving home from work one day, reflecting on the day and I was thinking about my lessons and my to-do list and I had, what I think you call, an epiphany! I realised that I was a grown-up! I suddenly realised that I had a job, I had responsibilities and I had A … Continue reading A Real Life Peter Pan

My Positives – Tuesday 16th June

Hello lovely people! It's been a lovely Tuesday both in life and in weather! Today, was hot, I FINALLY feel like Summer has arrived (I think I've said this in a positives before so I won't hold my breath) and I tell you what, it can stay! Anyway, today's positives are going to be short … Continue reading My Positives – Tuesday 16th June

My Positives – Monday 15th June

Hello everyone! So, here we are, finally on today's positives and it has been ANOTHER very good day. I think the sunshine helps but so do the lovely people I am surrounded by. Here are my positives from today, enjoy! Name three things that made you smile today: – Getting woken up by Stevie. Usually, I … Continue reading My Positives – Monday 15th June

My Positives – Sunday 14th June – MY BIRTHDAY!

So, as you can imagine, Sunday was a VERY positive day! It was my birthhhhhhhhhhdayyyy and I had the best day ever. This blog is bound to be longer than my usual as I have A LOT of positives from Sunday, A LOT! I have been smiling from sunset to sunrise. Before I start, please … Continue reading My Positives – Sunday 14th June – MY BIRTHDAY!

My Positives – Saturday 13th June

Hello everyone! 🙂 We ventured back to West Wales this weekend - for the Race for Life and....MY BIRTHDAY!!! Wohooo! Saturday was a good day. Weather wise, it was horrible, pouring with rain and horrible but, fun factor wise, Saturday was a good day!! So, here are my positives for that fun, rainy day! Name … Continue reading My Positives – Saturday 13th June

My Positives – Friday 12th June 2015

Hello everyone! So, I've been doing these positives for almost two months now and I really have noticed a difference. It's made me sit back and think that it doesn't matter how bad a day may seem, in the grand scheme of things, it's not that bad! In every day, I've found at least three … Continue reading My Positives – Friday 12th June 2015

Cancer; so much more than just a word!

So, my ‘Race for Life’ is THIS Sunday and I can’t wait. Sounds funny doesn’t it? Someone who usually finds it incredibly difficult to find motivation to do any exercise at all, is excited about running 5K? Hard to believe isn’t it (especially if you’ve read my exercise blogs) but I am though, I’m excited. … Continue reading Cancer; so much more than just a word!