That’s a Wrap; My May Favourites 2015

May has been a busy, but good month. I can’t quite believe how fast it has come and gone and that we’re nearly half way through another year already! Crazy! Here we are though, and it has been a good month! So, I thought I’d keep with tradition and share with you some of my favourite things from the month. Here we go…

My Favourite May Feeling

Love; I have seen a lot of friends and family over this month and big things have been happening for everyone. This month, I have felt a lot of love, from and for others! Being loved and loving someone is precious and every new little person I’ve met or gone to the christening of and every friend and family member I have in my life has shown me some love this month – very humbling! IMG_20150510_173126[1]

My Favourite May Song

Oh, this one is tricky but I think I’m going to say ‘Cheerleader‘ by Omi. This is because it holds very happy memories of some fun times with friends for me. It’s not like me to pick a modern, pop song but it makes me feel happy so why not?


My Favourite May Book

Now, I know I said I wanted to read Still Alice this month and I have but I have only read a few chapters (thanks to my train journey and some peaceful evenings). I am really, really enjoying it but when I’m not in work I’m doing school work, when I’m not doing school work I’m blogging and when I’m not doing either of those, I’m either eating, showering or sleeping! Stupid excuse isn’t it, too busy? Like my gran once said “there’s no such thing as not having time, just not making time.” So, I will rectify this in June, I will MAKE time! Anyway, even though I’ve read a bit and am REALLY enjoying it, I would be lying to say it was my May favourite as I haven’t read enough of it to say that!

However, I have been dipping in and out of a different book, a book called ‘The Everygirl’s Guide to Life’ by Maria Menounos. It is an absolutely brilliant book. My mum bought it for me a couple of years ago and I always refer to it. It’s brilliant if you’re looking for anything really, it truly is a guide to life. I like it because there are some organisation ideas for the home in there. She really does make it sound easy to become organised and I like that. Have a look at it on Amazon, I have put a link to it if you click on the name of the book above. It is brilliant and still relevant years after I bought it.


My Favourite May Food

Hmmm, this is a tricky one but my favourite food this month HAS to be these Honey Barbecue Wholegrain Snacks. They are absolutely delicious and I could eat a whole bag. Try them, try them now!


My Favourite May Drink

I wish I could say water, I’ve really tried to enjoy water but I don’t. So, with that said, I have been adding Robinsons Orange and Mango squash to my water. I need to drink more without a doubt so if I have to add a little squash, so be it. It’s so refreshing and yummy. I love mango flavoured anything.  I bought mine from Sainsburys but I know you can get it pretty much anywhere.

My Favourite May Item of Clothing

Last month this was an outfit but, this month, it’s an item. An item of clothing that I would wear everyday if I could. It is my Topshop Jumper:

IMG_20150526_171519[1] IMG_20150517_192130[1] IMG_20150504_202934[1]

My Favourite May Make-up Product

Now, before I go into what my favourite is, can I just say how gutted I am that NARS discontinued my foundation NARS Sheer Matte Foundation. I have switched to NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation and, I’m not sold. It feels too much on my skin, it doesn’t feel weightless at all. I really miss my Matte and I’m looking for a new foundation. Now, I am not an expert and it may be that it’s just on my skin it doesn’t feel right so don’t be afraid to try it if it’s what you want to do. It definitely has not put me off NARS as I know how good their products are. It just isn’t the foundation for me – I don’t think! I am persevering though.

Anyway, onto my product of the month, sorry for babbling! This month, I have been loving my new mascara. I was really worried about trying this mascara as I was completely obsessed with my Benefit ‘They’re Real’ mascara. However, they have upped their game completely and produced something incredible. TheRoller Lash’ mascara is amazing. It completely lifts and curls my lashes and doesn’t feel too heavy on. I love it and can see me using it for a very, very long time! I have put the link to it on the picture below so you can find it easily.

My Favourite May Shop

This has to go to Superdrug, I have rediscovered Superdrug this month thanks to the vlogs I’ve been watching and I have to say, I had forgotten what amazing value it is and what great stuff you can get in there. I have been loving it. My face wipes (Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes) are always REALLY good value in there and are currently on a buy one get one free offer. Perfect!


My Favourite May Thing

Youtube on my TV. I can simply click on a Youtube video and sync it to my TV. It is lush! Watching vlogs on the big screen is great!

IMG_20150511_192953 (1)

My Favourite May Blog

I feel I have been a bit poor in the blogging department this month, but I’m going to give it to Just did it – Exercise Blog #3 Yoga Session. Simply because I loved the yoga so much and think it came across in the blog. I haven’t been since because I’ve had meetings etc. on but I do intend to go in June. I’ll keep you posted!


June, I’m looking forward to…

The Race for Life!

So there they are, my May favourites. I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I’ve enjoyed using them. May was great but I have big expectations for June, my favourite month!  I wish you all the best, most positive June!

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