9 Reasons Everyone Should go to London

1. For Topshop, Oxford Circus

I’ve put this first as a lot of the time, this is why I go! I’m a little bit obsessed with Topshop and the one in Oxford Circus is absolutely incredible! It’s a must basically! During our most recent visit, it was so busy because there was a promotion on so I did find it difficult to look around. However, if you leave enough time, go in in the right frame of mind and have a lot of money, it can make a day trip really worthwhile (it does for me anyway).

IMG_20150607_140121[1] IMG_20150531_152523[1]

Topshop, Oxford Circus

2. To See Beautiful Friends and Family

London is massive but it’s funny, most people will know someone who lives there. I currently know a lot of people living there so travelling to London is a good excuse to see all the lovely people in my life that I don’t get to see very often. We recently went to see my brother and it was a lush trip!


My Brother and Me

3. To See the Sights

I’ve seen the sights many, many times but it never gets boring; you have Big Ben, The London Eye, Madame Tussauds, Westminster Abbey, the list goes on. They are all worth a visit and are equally as amazing and beautiful.


Big Ben Looking Lovely

4. For it’s Quirky Nature

This is particularly true of Soho. We always make sure we go to Soho. We take a trip to Carnaby Street and more recently have ventured wider in Soho and discovered some lovely, lovely places. We went by a Hummingbird Bakery and, if it wasn’t as early as it was, I would have demolished all of the cupcakes! There are also some lovely quirky streets in Chelsea and Fulham with gorgeous little shops!


Carnaby Street

5. There is Something for Everyone

Not only is the Topshop amazing but so are the other shops. They always have the best merchandise and a huge selection. Some of my favourites are Nike, Lush, H and M and Selfridges!


A Little Shopping Trip

6. There’s Much More to London than Meets the Eye

So, you could spend all day in Oxford Circus let alone venture anywhere else  but if you were there for a few days, there are so many gorgeous places in London that you would never get bored. On our latest visit we were introduced to Kingston and oh my goodness, what a lovely place! You walk through a little shabby town that looks a little old and dated but if you turn the corner (and are there on a Saturday) there is a gorgeous food market, some beautiful shops and some lovely people there to greet you. They even have a big Sweaty Betty which, even though I don’t own anything from there (yet) has become my new favourite sportswear shop.  You could also take a trip to Shepherd’s Bush, Covent Garden and even Kensington. We stayed in Fulham and took a trip into Chelsea; two of the most beautiful places in London with some lovely, lovely parks.

IMG_20150607_140343[1] IMG_20150531_152756[1]

                         Covent Garden                                      Leicester Square


Food in Timberyard, Covent Garden

7. For a Ride on the Tube

The tube is fun, let’s be honest. It goes so fast sometimes it scares me but it’s so clever and very, very easy to use. You hop on one stop, hope off another and you can explore London all day long that way! It’s great!

IMG_20150531_152307[1] IMG_20150531_141711[1]

8. Just so you can say “London Baby!” Like Joey does on Friends


9. To Committ Some Serious People Watching and Celebrity Spotting

I love people watching but in London, it’s something else. Everyone has their own style and everyone can get away with wearing whatever they want. I love that. The fashion in London is so unique and quirky. It’s great. I could sit for hours and watch people go by. In fact, on one trip we made, we did exactly that!

Whilst we were there, we were on the look out. We looked for lots of different Youtubers and high profile celebrities and even though we didn’t see a single soul, it was fun to look. Oh, I tell a lie, we did see Jason Mohammad and I’ve been on a couple of school trips where I’ve seen Helen Flanagan (Coronation Street Actress) and Jason Done (Waterloo Road Actor), haha! Not quite David Beckham but better than nothing!


Anyway, those are the reasons I think people should go to London and if you haven’t been, it really is worth it.

Writing this has made me want to go again!

Hope you enjoyed!

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