Back to the blogging…

Hello my lovely blog readers…

It’s been a little while, I know! I have been dying for this day to arrive; the day that I finally pick my laptop back up and not plan lessons or answer emails but click on the kateloren website link and type and blog!


Firstly, can I apologise? To all those loyal readers who thought I had given up, packed it in or just simply become too lazy. Can I also apologise for leaving it a month before I even explain or start up again? My last blog was the end of June, over a month ago and I can honestly say that I have missed this so, so much. I have missed typing my thoughts, waiting for people to read them and receiving comments on the blog. That leads me to the second thing I would like to do which is to thank you. I want to thank you for any comments you have left me asking me to keep writing or telling me you miss my blogs. It honestly means the world to know my writing is missed, even if just by a few; you, if you are one of the few, mean the world!


Right, now for the lame excuses, here they come! Work became unbelievably busy towards the end of June/July. People kept saying to me, “wow, you must be on wind down now before the summer”, in all honesty, I felt more wound up than ever. I am not complaining, as you know, I love a challenge and I do love my job, but it did mean that the little things that I love like reading, blogging and just generally chilling became sparse and in the end, non-existent. In short, I didn’t have the time. This makes me laugh because if my gran read this she would definitely say “there’s no such thing as no time. If you want to do it, you make the time.” Believe me, I wanted nothing more than to pick up my laptop and blog (if I could do it all day, I would) but after working all day, getting home and working some more, I genuinely found it hard to make the time. I didn’t want my blogging to become something that felt like a chore at the end of the day and it was slowly starting to become that so I decided to have a break. I stopped writing which was so hard. I stopped my positives and even though I still made sure I noticed what they were each day, unless you take the time to write them down they soon become forgotten and lost in your past. This worried me the most, I really feel like making a note of my positives was helping me be more positive each day and helping me appreciate the goodness in my life. I knew I would be back though, I just didn’t know when. When school was out for summer, I had a week to myself. A week to get my head around what the next five would bring, a week to sort the house out and a week to get ready for my holiday.


Following the first week, myself, Dan and his family went away to Ibiza and, I must say, I chilled, I chilled to the max ; it was amazing. I sat on the beach each day, listening to the waves and not giving anything a thought apart from the things I wanted to think about. I read, I laughed, I sunbathed (safely of course), I had drinks, I listened to music and I dressed up nicely and made an effort. A list of my favourite things to do right there.


Now all that is done, I feel refreshed and ready to give my time to my blogs again. I have lots of new ideas of what I want to write about. Some you may enjoy and others you may not but the fact is, I have ideas and I am back. For how long, I am unsure but I am back and I don’t intend to give up as easily this time.


I’ve been a little nervous about doing this. I kept thinking, will it still come as easily? I have been putting it off all day because I didn’t think I’d know what to write but I do, I just have…I just did. All I needed was some music and I’ve gone with James Vincent McMorrow and his album “Early in the Morning (Special Edition)” I switched off the world and the words came.


I think it only right to return to my original plan of two blogs a week, with some bonus blogs thrown in at times. Every Wednesday you will receive a big blog and every Sunday, my positives from the week.

So, for now, I will say s’long but this time, it’s not for long, it’s until Wednesday!

I hope you are all well, smiling and still chasing those dreams.

Back to the blogging for me…I’ve missed you.


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