Summer; memories waiting to happen!

Summer is such an important time for me. It gives me time to recharge my batteries, catch up with friends/family, read, relax, watch films and to catch up on some work too; all the things that I don’t seem to be able to manage in term time. This summer wasn’t going to be any different, I wanted to catch up, with everything and everyone and I wanted to take some time out! I am slowly making my way through the catching up business but I have fully achieved the taking some time out.

IMG_20150612_211414 Break

As you probably already know, last week,I went with Dan and his family to sunny Ibizaaaa! I was so excited! I love going on holiday because I know that it usually gives me a real chance of getting away from any responsibilities at home. However this year, for some reason, before we left, it felt different. I was adamant that I wasn’t going to be able to clear my head of everything that needed to be done at home. I was sure that my worries, responsibilities and to do list would follow me all the way to Ibiza. This, in itself, was worrying me. I didn’t seem as organised as I usually am and I was running around panicking right up to the hour before we left the house (which was 3am, I might add). This year, for whatever reason, it felt different.


Boy did I prove myself wrong! The second I stepped onto that plane, it was as if all the passing clouds were my worries and responsibilities and I was just floating through them, waving to them as we went by. The part of my brain that usually causes me stress, makes me anxious or screams at me to get something done was also taking a well deserved break and thank goodness for that! This is why I think that everyone needs a break away. Whether it be for a weekend, a night, a week or two; everyone needs to shut off the real world and relax for a while. You may feel like even going away won’t change anything but please try it, it really works! This is essentially the reason I’m writing this blog. It’s no secret but I honestly think we could all use a holiday and I think it’s important we don’t forget to take one. So, I’m writing this blog to explain why my holiday has proved this.


The view from our room

Firstly, my biggest accomplishment of the holiday (which may seem trivial to you) was finishing my book, “Still Alice”. As some of you may already know, I had been dying to finish that book for ages but however much I seemed to enjoy it and want to pick it up, something else always seemed to take priority at home. In Ibiza however, the book was priority (along with tanning, sleeping and spending time with Dan). It felt amazing; as I got deeper into the novel and closer to the end, I became more and more engrossed and it felt like a huge achievement when I finished. I’m not going to say too much about this aspect as I hope to write a book review for my next blog. It was just such a lush feeling to finally finish my book and it gave me hunger to read more. In fact, when I got home, I ordered five new books!


I absolutely loved chilling. It wasn’t the type of holiday where we went cycling or on excursions every day and I must be honest, this was perfect for me! To wake up every day and know that all I needed to do was chuck on a bikini and a dress felt great. I think everyone needs to wake up someday and think “today, I’m going to do absolutely nothing but chill” because it feels so good.

IMG_20150806_203403 IMG_20150806_203334

Beach time                                     View from the pool

The beach was my favourite place; a small cove wrapped around some beautiful, blue water was idyllic, my perfect place. The warm sun on your face, the sand between your toes and not a care in the world. Who could ask for more, really? The biggest worry I would have that day would be what were our plans for the evening. Eat in, eat out? Such a toughy! Do I wear a maxi dress or some shorts? Hair down or up? To have such questions fill my mind was the best feeling. I had nothing to worry about and if I did, it was so far away that I couldn’t even do anything about it so why waste my energy worrying about it anyway?

IMG_20150806_203511 IMG_20150806_203004

Now, this blog isn’t my way of bragging to you lot about how amazing having a holiday is but more of a way to get everyone to realise the importance of it. For that week and the days following it, I felt completely myself, I could breathe a little deeper and take an extra second in the day just for me (and to spend with Dan). I think we all need a little bit of that sometimes.

IMG_20150806_203940 IMG_20150806_203143 IMG_20150806_203102

There is however one very bad thing about taking a break though and I feel I must share it with you, so you prepare for it. I would hate to persuade you to take that break without warning you first. The crash back down to earth when you arrive home is absolutely inevitable. It may not happen as soon as you step off the plane, not when you see the rain in place of the sun, nor when you have to put on your extra layer that you packed or even when you return to your own house and walk through the door. For me, it was the morning after we got home. I woke up and lay there thinking about what lay ahead of me and CRASH! I was in Wales again and that part of my brain that was on holiday, was back and seemed to bring with it even more baggage than it left with. Just be prepared for that because I sure as hell wasn’t! I don’t mean to put a downer on my blog but I felt it only fair to warn you! To be fair, I quickly snapped out of it when I realised I still had lots of family and friends to see as well as blogging to be done. Plus, I made some amazing memories that will last forever (even if my lovely tan won’t) and that is a nice reality!

IMG_20150806_204104 IMG_20150806_203256

My point is, I was glad to have that week. A week as myself without the real world knocking on my door, please make sure you have it too!


Hope you are all having a good week and smiling, even if you’re not on holiday!



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