Weekly Positives – Sunday 9th August 2015

Hello everyone!


It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I hope you enjoy my first weekly positives in a while.

Happy Sunday! Wow, where do I start this week? I’ve had such a busy week full of catching up with some beautiful family and friends, finally!! This week has been my ideal week and I so wish I could do this every week!

  1.    Name the things that made you smile this week:

– Dan and I went for breakfast in Tea and Cake. This made me smile for two reasons:

  • I hardly ever get to go for breakfast with Dan and if I do, I normally have to rush off to do some work.
  • I haven’t been to Tea and Cake for ages, absolutely love going in there.

– I went for a meal with Nia (a date) and it was lush. So nice to catch up with my bestie!!

– I visited my beautiful nephews and their mum and dad; such a perfect day. We went for a lovely walk and I had some gorgeous cuddles. I am such a proud Aunty!


 – A little farewell lunch with Nic and Nia – Nic has gone on a holiday! Will miss her and know she’s going to have the best time! We went to a cafe called Sweet. It was lovely, I love discovering new places. 


– I also went to visit my lovely Godson and his brother this week. Both absolutely beautiful boys and I had so much fun making Play-Doh snowmen!

– My brother came to stay, I love having him around! It’s so lush that I get on with both my brothers so well! 

– We used my BBQ for the very first time since I had it for my birthday. I love a good BBQ and we had some delicious food!


– We met mum and dad in Jamie’s for lunch and it was deeelicious. Thank you Jack for a beautiful lunch. I love getting together with family.

2.    What are you grateful for?

An amazing network of friends and family. I feel like I hardly see them during term time so I am so grateful that they all make time for me in the summer, I am one lucky lady, surrounded by incredible people (big and small).


3.     What did you do for you this week?

LOADS! Obviously all the above was for me so, I will just name a couple that I haven’t already mentioned:

  • I blogged, enough said!


  • I bought myself some lovely items for the house – such a treat!


  • I bought four new books! I love to read!

IMG_20150809_191510 IMG_20150809_194714

So, there they are, my weekly positives! It feels so good to be back. I hope you’ve had an amazing week, I know I have!


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