Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans…

…but failing to prepare is preparing to fail, right? So what the devil is the right thing to do? Do I plan…whilst life goes on around me and risk missing it but apparently avoid failing? Or do I live my life and take in every minute without planning and prepare to apparently fail? How confusing! Surely it doesn’t need to be confusing, right?


This particular blog stems from a conversation with some friends about people who plan their lives and people who don’t. We talked about the type of person who says “I want to be married by the time I’m *insert age*” and “I want to have a baby at least *insert time* after that”, the type to say “I want to have completed *insert dream* by the time I’m *insert age*” and so on. Well… I am that person; I love plans. I am aware that some people are big on everything happening when it happens and that not having plans is the way forward but I like my plans. I enjoy making them, I enjoy looking forward to them.

Now, if my plans don’t go to plan, I can’t tell you how I will feel, I have no idea but…part of me living my life and enjoying it, is making these plans so I’m going to keep making plans because to me, making plans means looking forward and being determined and I’m okay with that. I can completely understand how being so specific could be dangerous but I don’t seem to care or I don’t want to care. I want to think about what might be at specific points in my life. It excites me.

What would a wedding be without a set date, some set plans and some definite people that you want there? What would a trip away be without a set date, some set plans and some definite people you want to go with? Well, the fact of the matter is, they wouldn’t be anything at all. Sometimes, you need to plan ahead for things to go the way you want them to. That’s all I’m doing, right? A quote I found sums this up nicely, “Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.” Couldn’t put it better myself!

Whilst writing this blog, I did some research because I wanted to know what other people thought and I came across another quote; “she stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow her away, she adjusted her sails.” I loved this. A lot of the time, people oppose my idea of planning my future using the argument of “what if your plan doesn’t work out?” Well, yes, there is that but I’m sure that if I know a good while in advance that the plan may not become an action or that it’s not going to be the best idea, I can just adjust my sails, I’m very happy to do that, just like the quote says!


Whilst searching these different quotes and looking for other opinions, I must admit, most of them are in favour of my argument. “Invest in the future because that is where you are going to spend the rest of your life.” and “The best way to predict the future, is to create it!” (I love that one).


Now, I can understand why people may think at this point that I am a huge hypocrite. I constantly talk about living in the moment, making the most of the now and not worrying about what’s to come. However, that is not what I am doing, I’m merely looking forward and making sure that now gets me to then. What is the harm in that? It’s making my now more exciting! I can see how people think you should let things happen how they should happen but I’m not one for sitting and waiting for something to happen or not happen, I’d rather plan and make it happen. The way I see it, like it says in the quote, I’m going to plan for something to happen but if it doesn’t go my way, I will just work around it and make a new plan.

Anyway, I’m going to leave this one here as I am fully aware I’m beginning to waffle. I’d love to know your opinion; do you make plans? Do you think me making plans is utterly ridiculous? Tell me, I’m going to keep making my plans anyway because like Robert Downey Jr. once said “Listen, smile, agree, and then do whatever the **** you were gonna do anyway.” Haha!


Have a good evening kateloren followers. It’s so good to be back!


One thought on “Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans…

  1. I always have a five year plan! It’s the communist in me. Sometimes the plan needs adjusting and the finer details require fleshing out, but the plan stands! XxX

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