My Weekly Positives – Sunday August 16th 2015

Hello everyone!

Hope you are all well. It’s been a good week and I am really enjoying my Summer holidays!

Anyway. happy Sunday! Here are my positives from this week, I have had loads to be honest but I’ll narrow them down.


  1.    Name the things that made you smile this week:

– I put my feet up. This one sounds ridiculous but it was so lush. I put my feet up, had a cup of tea, some grapes and read my book. Lush!

IMG_20150816_195653 (1) IMG_20150816_195733

– I went for a little spin in my car to find ‘Hobby Craft’. I have lived in Cardiff now for nearly 10 years, which is crazy but I’m still finding new places and still haven’t visited many places close by (Barry Island being one). Anyway, I have a little stationery obsession (I’m thinking of doing a blog on this so let me know if you want one and I’ll do it or I might just do it anyway) and in preparation for ‘back to school’ my obsession has gone into overdrive. The second I found out there was a ‘Hobby Craft’, I had to go there. So I did and not only did I find ‘Hobby Craft’, I found a ‘Next Home’ and an ‘Outfit’, all next to each other. I must visit there again soon! ‘Hobby Craft’ was everything I hoped it would be!

– I did some baking. This week I have baked Millionaire’s Shortbread (copied Jim Chapman on his Youtube channel, thanks Jim) and double chocolate cookies (recipe from Tanya Burr’s website, amazing recipe and so easy)! Both were delicious, even if I do say so myself. In hindsight, making do with a cheesecake tin for my shortbread may have been a mistake as the proportions were all out but they were still tasty. I baked some cookies and gave them to a friend for her birthday. I love homemade gifts.

IMG_20150816_195227 IMG_20150816_195212 IMG_20150816_194804 IMG_20150816_194820

 – My family Whatsap conversations. Basically, me and the family all have a group Whatsap where we can keep up to date with everything and see lots of pictures of our gorgeous boys (my nephews). Anyway, we each sent a picture this week and they made me smile. Here’s mine:

IMG_20150815_110007 (1)

– We did a spot of gardening. Throughout the year, our garden has become a little out of control and this weekend, we finally got our garden back. Dan and I always forget to take a before picture until it’s too late, haha! So I have after pictures but without the before, it won’t mean anything! I’ll show you the bags so you can appreciate how much we had to get rid of!

IMG_20150816_194943 IMG_20150816_194929 IMG_20150816_194910 IMG_20150815_125830 IMG_20150815_125743

– We went to a friends 30th birthday party and we had an amazing time! It was so good to go out with lush people and have a dance, oh how I love to dance. An added bonus was that I bumped into my bestie in ‘Ten Mill Lane’. I love that girl!

IMG_20150816_194626 IMG_20150816_194558

Happy 30th Bex!                                               Me and my bestie!

– A chilled Sunday. A combination of a very late night and my ever aging self meant I wasn’t capable of much today but that’s okay. It was so lush to do…NOTHING and to do nothing with Dan.


2.    What are you grateful for?

So this one has changed. I’m grateful for lots this week, as usual. As I’ve said before, I’m a very lucky girl, surrounded by great family and friends. I wanted to make this a little fun this week and different so originally this was going to read, “the ability to dance”. I’m grateful that I can have a good old boogie, it makes me feel great. However, I would like to change this after something that has just happened. Whilst writing this blog, I clicked delete to delete something (as you do). My computer decided that by pressing delete I wanted to go back a page which meant I lost this whole blog. THANKS SONY, thanks very much (yes, my own fault for not saving as I go, I know)! Anyway, after much stamping of my feet and nearly deciding to give up, I clicked on add new post. WordPress, being the amazing, delightful, AWESOME webpage host that it is, asked me if I wanted to restore an unsaved blog and there it was, my 700 words that I had spent over an hour typing! So, I am VERY grateful for WordPress, thank you WordPress.

3.     What did you do for you this week?

– I was having a bit of a bad day on Friday, not too sure why, just one of those days. Anyway, after a gorgeous bath (and I mean gorgeous) with candles, some sounds of the beach and some very important mindfulness, I felt lush again! 

IMG_20150816_195125 IMG_20150816_195043

A recipe for a perfect bath: Yankee candle, glass of water (because I overheat), a Lush bath bomb (Butterball, so soothing and moisturising and smells amazing), my book and my Calm app providing the all important beach sounds to help with the mindfulness.

What a great week, again! I feel so good at the moment and bad days are very rare at the moment. Complete bliss. 


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