“Leave a little sparkle, wherever you go.”

Dear Nia,

Wow, well three months ey? You’ve been gone three months. That’s crazy! When you were getting ready to set off to New Zealand, I said to you I’d become your pen pal via the internet and write a Dear Nia to you once in a while. Well, I must admit, when I said that, I did have in mind that it would happen a lot more frequently than it has (which is ZILCH). How rubbish am I? Even though we speak a lot on Whatsap, my blogs have taken a back seat in my life at the moment which is actually quite upsetting.

It’s a year ago that I started my blogging – a whole year ago! I started it as a way out of reality or, actually as a way to remember all the good things in my life and forget the bad. This journey for you has definitely been a good thing and, believe it or not (as much as I desperately miss you) it’s been a good thing for me too, a happy realisation (I’ll explain later on in the blog) that I think I should share on my blog page. After all, my blog is set up to document my journey of happiness! Recently, things have taken over and my blogs have slipped, massively and I’m hoping to get back into it. I’m not making any promises (because I wouldn’t want to break them) but I am going to try as hard as possible to keep my blogs going. They are, after all, what I love doing.


Another thing I love doing, is spending time with family and friends and I must say my New Zealand friend, I miss spending time with you! I miss you being up the road, I miss being able to call on you and you come running when I need you and I miss be able to scoff chocolate with you or lick the bowl when you’ve been baking. However, I read something on Pinterest (yes, I’m still obsessed) that got me thinking: “True friends are never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart” and never has a truer word been spoken about us. Although I miss seeing you in the flesh (urgh, what a word), I feel like we are closer than ever. They say “absence makes the heart grow fonder” and you moving to the other side of the world has made me realise how much I actually love you – cheesy but true – and that is why you going on your adventure, has been good for me too. It has made me realise that things will change but the most important people I have in my life won’t really go anywhere at all. If anything, it’s made me look at our friendship and realise how truly special it is. Don’t get me wrong, I am literally counting down the days until you are back for the celebrations, but all the same, I know that when you get back, nothing will have changed and our friendship will still be the same.

True friends are never apart

Right before you left, Dan proposed to me, you know that but what I want you to know is that deciding the wedding was going to be this year and that you couldn’t be there, was so hard! In true Nia style though, you showed your friendship by understanding. Thank you for that. You are, like we’ve established, half the world away, but that hasn’t let you fail in your bridesmaid duties.  You want to hear about the wedding all the time, you ask questions and (I think) you are genuinely interested and at the moment, the wedding is my favourite thing to talk about (if you haven’t already guessed) so that means the world to me. You’ve given me opinions, you’ve given me gifts but most of all, you’ve given me your support.


So we’ve established that I’m missing you and that I’m grateful for your friendship, we’ve got that straight. What I am also feeling though is proud (and incredibly jealous). I can’t believe all the amazing things you are doing; all the amazing things that you are making happen!! All of the brave decisions you’ve made are really paying off and however hard it was to leave, look at all you’ve achieved already. I have to admit, I never thought I’d see you in a wetsuit, but you’ve done it. You’ve travelled more than ever, you’ve met so many new people (who, by the way, I am dying to meet), you’ve made a house your home, a neighbourhood accept you, you’ve made a new life and still kept the best pieces of your old one (*cough* cough*). I’m sitting here staring at a typography wall art that I made that says “leave a little sparkle wherever you go” and you, my friend, are definitely doing that!


One more thing before I go – thank you for giving my back my courage to blog. I haven’t blogged in ages and I have to be honest, this has felt AMAZING!!!! Your blogs are amazing and anyone reading this, who hasn’t read Nia’s, head over to Nia’s Blog ‘So Nia So Far’ as it will give a beautiful insight into her New Zealand life.

This is short and sweet for now but I will be back in touch.

Caru ti millions xxx

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