‘I do’ …not have a clue what I’m doing! The Legalities.

So, the next step? After the proposal? Lap up all the attention, enjoy celebrating with the ones you love and look forward to the planning. This, would you believe, went well, without a glitch and I loved every second of it. So much so, that returning to reality was difficult, that is until I realised I had a wedding to plan! We (or should I say, I) didn’t hang about, the date was booked, the venue booked and a guest list was created (this was created a long time ago haha). Eaasssyyyyyyyyyy (I thought at the time)!


Anyone ever planned a wedding before? Yes? So, tell me this, did you know that when you book a venue you should call the registrar first to check they have the date available? Yes? Well why the devil didn’t you tell me? If you are yet to plan a wedding, let it be known that this is a MUST to avoid any unnecessary stress, learn from my mistakes.


I called the registrar very calmly and coolly about a week after securing my venue, stating I’d like to book someone for the day of our wedding. Well, if I did! The lady replied with “I’m sorry but we don’t have anyone available on that date.” To which I sounded shocked and replied with “what should I do? I’ve already booked the wedding venue.” “Well you shouldn’t have booked your venue without checking with us first, didn’t you know?” Yes, that’s right, I knew, I knew I had to do that, that’s why I called a week after securing the date and the venue, of course I didn’t know (sorry for the sarcasm, definitely NOT the “lady on the phone’s” fault, definitely mine and just for the record, I was NOT rude to her, I hate rude people and I don’t intend to be one). No one ever tells you that you have to make sure you have a registrar first! That’s not on Pinterest. That’s not there when I look up “how to plan a wedding in 6 months”. It isn’t anywhere; you are just supposed to know. Well, how was I supposed to know? So, a word to the wise people…BOOK YOUR REGISTRAR BEFORE SECURING YOUR DATES! Obviously check your venue is available, then the registrar and then BOOK BOTH! I got off the phone to the registrar after finding out I couldn’t have one….and panicked. I called my mum; I called Andrea (my wedding guru), I searched online and I did A LOT of pacing. I didn’t have a clue what to do. I couldn’t move the wedding, but I couldn’t make it legal on the same day! As much as I did begin to stress, in hindsight it was completely unnecessary because on researching what to do, mum and I found a possible loop hole; a humanist wedding! I wouldn’t have minded that! However, it wasn’t needed, a quick email later and the registrars were able to work something out for me and I made an appointment with them. Phew!! Rather lucky I’d say!

It didn’t end there though, oh no no no!! In fact, this legal business has turned out to be the most stressful part (I think I handled everything else really well, even if I do say so myself). Did you know you have to give notice before being married? NOTICE!!! “Excuse me, I’m getting married in 6 months, just thought you’d like to know.”


Well, needless to say, I didn’t know that. I had a missed call and an answerphone message from the registrar in the area we are getting married saying “you need to go along to Cardiff registrar to give notice”. I had absolutely no idea what this meant. For all I knew, I was going to discuss the day and talk about what would happen. No, no, no, Dan and I had to go along together (despite the fact that they are only open on weekdays 9-4, GREAT for a full time worker I thought, they’re lucky it was half term) to a building where I was charged £70 and told to sit and wait only for a lady to emerge and take Dan and me into an office room and ask us questions about each other (again NOTHING against ANYONE we met or in charge of all this, rules are rules and I accept that, I just had NO IDEA it had to be done). £70 to prove I knew Dan and Dan knew me, £70 to notify them that we wanted to get married. I had never heard of such a thing! We paid, we went, we came home. I can 100% see why it needed to be done BUT I had NO IDEA!

“When would the fun stuff start?” I thought! Luckily for me, the rest was so easy and fun. However, I did find out so much and learnt so much so I will continue with my little wedding diary if it’s okay with you! Stay tuned to find out what other little details are to come!

Happy Monday people!


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