‘I do…’ not have a clue what I’m doing! Music Maestro Please.

So after sorting out the venue, the legalities, THE dress and sorting the bridesmaids everything else should sort itself out right? RIGHT? WRONG! All the other things, that at the time seem like little things, have to be right to make the day come together (well they had to be for me). There are so many other things to think about and I will try and cover them all but if I did them all in one blog, you’d be there for years so I will give it to you in chunks, easier to digest! As you may have guessed from the title, this blog will include all things entertaining.

I am the WORLD’S WORST decision maker. I have to have other people’s opinions or let someone else tell me what they think is best so, as you can imagine, all the other “little” things were HUGE things for me as there are just so many options to choose from, I wanted to make the right decisions!

One thing Dan and I had been adamant on for a long time (way before we even got engaged) was when we do eventually get married, we wanted to be surrounded by people who loved us, knew us as individuals and knew us together. We wanted anyone who was involved in OUR day to mean something to US! This also went for anyone involved in organising and helping us prepare which, as you can imagine, made life a little tricky. My advice is if you can find people you KNOW (or who you can get to know and love) involved in the “little” things, do do do! It makes everything so much more special. I honestly LOVED everyone involved in our big day, they made the day amazing and I wouldn’t change any of them for the world. I will be recommending these people along the way and I suggest you (if you can) look these people up. I am biased because it was MY wedding but when I am recommending these people, it is HONESTLY because they helped make our day perfect and I truly believe they could do the same for you!


Hopefully you can find something that you’re looking for in this blog or, if not enjoy visiting behind the scenes of our preparations.

The Most Memorable Song

Ever since I attended our friends’ wedding in New York, I’ve known I wanted my walk down the aisle to be special. When I watched her walk down the aisle, it felt like a fairy-tale and as I looked around, I could see it was because of the live music they had (obviously it was because she looked like a princess too but I’m a sucker for live music and theirs gave me goosebumps). Both Dan and I LOVE music, we love festivals and we LOVE gigs so, my walk down the aisle, had to incorporate this. We visited the venue one day for our taster day and we noticed the pianist playing whilst we ate. He was FANTASTIC, absolutely amazing! I had considered a string quartet but after hearing Tristan play in ‘The Corran’, I was blown away. I emailed him and from email number 1, he was so friendly and approachable, he was so open to ideas and straight about what he could do and his song list was immense. I mentioned my previous desire of a string quartet and he then said how his wife played the violin and could play with him if we wanted. Now, they say everything happens for a reason and I really believe we stumbled across Tristan for a reason, he was meant to play for us on our big day and I’m so glad he did. I LOVED every second of him being there, he wanted for nothing, he knew exactly what he was doing; he interacted with our friends and fast became one of the guests! He was fun and entertaining and his wife was so humble and friendly, a perfect pair and a beautiful addition to our wedding. I’m not sure if Tristan has Facebook but I have his email address so if you want to get in touch with him, please let me know! My walk down the aisle was the fairy-tale I had wanted and I really believe it’s because of them. They played Pachelbel’s ‘Canon in D’ and I felt every bit the princess as I walked down towards my husband to be!

The Band

So, my walk down the aisle and other moments sorted with a delightful pianist, we needed to think about the evening, how do we get everyone to relax and enjoy in the evening? We needed something magical! We did initially think about having a DJ and had a VERY talented DJ in mind too however, as previously said Dan and I LOVE live music so it seemed silly for us not to incorporate this into the evening too! I had no idea where to even start looking for a band. How do I know who we’re getting is good? How do I know they’re nice? I looked on website after website and listened to demos after demos but I had NO IDEA what I was looking for. Then, my brother, who had recently been to a friend’s wedding mentioned this band “Shine On” and told me to look them up. I did and as I did I noticed the website they were on had LOADS of other bands on too. Insistent not to have the same as other people, I looked around this website Alive Network. I must admit, it was a pretty awesome website with some AMAZING bands on there, some of who had fantastic reviews. As I said earlier, I was adamant on not having the same as anyone we knew and although I didn’t know my brother’s friend, this meant them too (I didn’t realise at the time the mistake I could have made).

So, we went for a band on Alive Network and set it all up with them but I still had a feeling of doubt in my mind. It was done though, no turning back. However, not long after, we had an email telling us that unfortunately that band had been double booked and as we were the last to book them, we couldn’t have them. We were then asked if we wanted to consider any other bands and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad this happened. I say this ALL the time BUT, I am (now especially) a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and this is one of those things. Both Dan and I thought, we love this band “Shine On” and who cares if someone we know has had them, we can have them too and oh my GOODNESS am I glad we did! They were absolutely INCREDIBLE from day one. The emails I had from them were friendly and so welcoming. As with Tristan, I felt instantly at ease with this band. They felt like friends, like I was emailing a friend. They gave us an impressive set list and asked us to let them know what ones we would ideally like however, they were the professionals so I was happy to go with what they thought was best.


They took what I thought was a weird request for a first song and turned it into our PERFECT first song (an acoustic version of Bob Marley’s ‘Is This Love?’). They took on board the fact that Dan and I were incredibly nervous about the first dance and made sure they made us feel at ease about this (not that this was even their job, they just did)! Not only did they do an evening set but they also played an acoustic set during our wedding breakfast (in our case an afternoon tea). When I told people about the acoustic set, they questioned me; will they be too loud? Will this be appropriate? Does anyone else have this? What will they play? Will it sound okay? Where will they go and how will they set up for the full band set? The questions went on. Obviously the questions were planted in my brain but I trusted them and I am so glad I did! They did not let us down. The acoustic set was PERFECT! I loved every single second of it and the moment I looked around this room full of people we loved with some of my favourite songs being played acoustically in the background is firmly planted as one of my favourite memories of our big day! I mean, you couldn’t get more perfect (for me anyway)!


Not only did they do all this but their lead guitarist also learnt an acoustic song for me to sing to. This was all a surprise for Dan and they honoured this amazingly. I gave them such short notice but nothing ever seemed too much for them. They did not stop smiling and I never felt like I was putting them out.

I even managed a sneaky practise during the wedding day which was fun and felt like I was singing with my friends. I can’t thank them (especially Mike, the guitarist) enough for this as it made our day even more special and unique and helped me give Dan something he NEVER expected.

They did not disappoint in the evening either, they smoothly transformed from acoustic to full band for an evening PACKED full of amazing songs and they created an incredible atmosphere! They were some of the nicest people I have met and like I have said a number of times, it just felt like the band were our guests, our friends! We had a blast and I think they did too!

My tips when looking for entertainment? Go with the people who make you feel the most comfortable, who can be a part of your day and not just be ‘there’! Also, go with who I had! Haha! I have inserted links throughout this whole blog so if you want to find out any information you can just click on them and it’ll take you to their websites! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. Also, just so you know I am far too new to all this blogging business to be recommending these people because I’m being paid to or sponsored by them. These are just my own genuine comments and opinions and although at times, they may seem overly passionate and too enthusiastic it’s because I fail to put into words how happy I was with everyone involved so I use an incredible amount of exclamation marks and adjectives just to get my point across! SUE ME (please don’t)!

Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed my latest instalment to my Wedding planning journey. I could go on and on and on and on but I better stop for now! Happy reading people, happy planning and keep smiling!


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