‘I do…’ not have a clue what I’m doing! Picture Perfect.


I’ll be honest with you, initially, we didn’t want a photographer. Why? Because everyone has a phone with a camera these days; everyone is a photographer we thought (we would find out later we were wrong). We felt that with our small budget, a photographer was a luxury that wasn’t needed. However, the more wedding planning I did, the more picture perfect memories I came across and we (I say we, you’re all thinking YEAH RIGHT KATE) changed our minds. Not because I wanted what everyone else had but because I slowly realised that not everyone would capture the moment my dad first sees my dress, my bridesmaids chatting and my dress hanging before I put it on. Not everyone is a “photographer” at all because not everyone will edit and make my wedding memories perfect in picture form and not everyone will capture that moment where I hug my mum and tell her I love her. Why won’t they? Because they are guests; they are there to enjoy and relax whereas a photographer is there as their job and to capture the moments you may forget. Don’t get me wrong, we had some BEAUTIFUL photos from our guests and LOVE looking at them but to me, a photographer can offer something different than you could ever get from any phone or any disposables that you put on the tables! They will capture the moments you want captured the most because they are the experienced ones who know what they are doing. That was that, decision made (it wasn’t THAT easy, this is me after all, “World’s Worst Decision Maker”; I wanted someone to capture the moments that no one else will see and the ones that mean the most to me!


I started looking for a photographer and, in case you’ve never looked yourself, there are LOADS to choose from. How we chose? I looked on Google on numerous occasions not really ever falling in love. I looked at all my friends’ Facebook pages checking out their wedding photos and looking into the photographers behind the creativity and feeling like none of them were really for me! Not because they weren’t good photographers but they just weren’t the style we were looking for so the search continued. How we found THE photographer for us? I stumbled across some beautiful photographs on the ‘Betti Biggs’ Facebook page (if you’ve never heard of it, it’s a BEAUTIFUL shop where I could very easily spend all of my money) and they looked exactly what we were looking for, natural, raw and beautiful! The photographer behind these beautiful photos was a lady called Aga Hosking! I contacted Aga and just as I said with my music, from the very first email, she was absolutely lovely. I was adamant that I wanted someone at our wedding who wasn’t just the “photographer” but was a friend and seen as none of my friends are photographers, I needed to find someone who could become a friend and she really seemed like someone who could; I wasn’t wrong. She suggested we should meet to talk through what she could offer to see if it is what we wanted and from the first meeting in Coffee #1 over a piece of cake a cup of tea, I knew she was perfect! The second meeting and Dan came along and we all clicked, the conversation didn’t stop and it just felt so right, sounds cheesy and fake but honestly, that’s how it felt. I was so adamant about being comfortable with the people who’d be around us on our wedding day that this is something I just couldn’t compromise but something I didn’t need to compromise on with Aga.


One thing I loved about Aga was I could be honest with her about what we wanted and not once did she judge me, she was just honest with me about what she could offer and what she would do and the honesty was what we needed! On the wedding day, it felt like having another friend or member of family around and we just wanted her to enjoy the day like everyone else. We wanted the photos to be as natural as possible, good job Aga was prepared for this as on the day, we weren’t your usual “model” photographic people and I think it was tricky to get people in one place but Aga didn’t seem phased and everyone just had fun!


It was absolutely lovely having her there and she’s kept in touch with me about the photos to this day and we cannot wait to see them because we just know she will have done an amazing job! A tip from me, DON’T compromise on a photographer, I LOVED having her there and I am so glad we decided on having photography. The more memories in picture form, the better, for me anyway!

Now, as I said above, you could go mad! I have some AMAZING videos on Facebook of friends’ weddings, with gorgeous music in the background, the vows being read and everyone laughing at a funny speech and I must admit, they are a weakness of mine, I LOVE watching them. I think they are lush and I have watched LOADS online! However, we HAD to compromise somewhere and this had to be our compromise. Everything started adding up and a videographer we could just not justify having (we had to compromise and things like live music just meant more to us) and although they are amazing, I don’t regret not having one one bit; not a tiny weeny bit! Sorry to any videographers out there, I know you do an amazing job BUT my talented brother set up my dad’s camera and we managed to get some AMAZING videos all by ourselves with no extra cost involved. Some of our best mates took charge later in the night and we have got the BEST wedding videos ever and not just one that is 5 minutes long, we have several that are super long and filled with all the best bits from the wedding!

One day, I will edit this myself and make my very own perfect wedding video but until I do, we have all those memories saved safely for us to enjoy at any time and it didn’t cost us a fortune; PERFECT!

What I’ve learnt? You can go mad when it comes to a wedding but if I was to do it again? I would definitely have a photographer, definitely!

Until next time!



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