‘I do…’ not have a clue what I’m doing! DIY Wedding Stationery

I say this all the time but I am an incredibly lucky lady! I have very talented people as friends and as family so when I decided to do a lot of the wedding DIY style, I thought I may have some helpful friends on hand. What I did get though was beyond anything I could imagine! To say I had help is a massive understatement; our wedding would not have been the same without the help of my beautiful friends. So, over the next few blogs, I’m hoping to explain how. I’ll start where it all began in my DIY world of wedding and slowly work my way through. Originally, I was going to put all the DIY in one blog however, I fear this may be too long for readers! So instead, I’ll give you short (ish) snippets from my DIY memories! Enjoy!



When I first started planning, I was looking on Pinterest and noticed someone had said don’t forget to sort “stationery”. “Stationery?” I thought. What did they mean; pens, pencils, rubbers and rulers? Why the devil would I need these for a wedding? Now, I LOVE stationery (so much so that it’s a blog I’d like to do somewhere down the line) so when I saw this word appear  under wedding planning, I got incredibly excited but also incredibly concerned that I could quite possibly blow our budget! Anyway, on looking further into it I realised what it actually meant was save the dates, invites, place cards, menus, programmes, seating plans etc. This list of things still excites me now! The idea of creating and designing my very own bundle of wedding stationery made me fill with glee. However, there was no way I could do it all by myself.

When chatting to my talented and very good friend Felicity about my wedding prep, she told me how she had created invites and other stationery for some weddings and when she showed me her designs and offered to do ours for us, how could I resist? I LOVED everything I saw and couldn’t imagine asking anyone else to take charge and help me create my perfect stationery, I was honoured that she wanted to do it and bit her arm off at the chance. I could still help with designing details and she would do the finalised details (far better than I ever dreamt) and ALLL the other stuff you have to do, and there was A LOT, I couldn’t quite believe how much!

To begin with, we had to choose the fonts and design and this bit I LOVED! I saw a lush design on Pinterest (linked below).


I loved this but wanted to put our own stamp on it so I searched for fonts (on Pinterest of course) and found two PERFECT fonts. The two fonts were:







we also used Lovefern Slanted to get the flicks on the end of some words. This looked as below but the actual font had lots more patterns to choose from:


If you want to use any of these just click on them and it will take you to the site to download. *some of them may cost*

I loved them and still use them now. I think they’re perfect, stylish, modern but still with an element of elegance.

Then we started trying to design our own version of what I had found. You have to think about so much when doing this and Felicity put so much work into it all. I remember chatting to people in work and a lot of people being surprised when they asked the question “what’s your colour theme” and I replied “we don’t really have one.” We really didn’t! In hindsight, we actually did; our theme was simple and romantic I guess. You can go absolutely mad with everything to do with weddings; we wanted simple! From start to finish; simple! Less is more! Anyway, with that being said, I explained this to Felicity (in my own unique, long winded way) and she got it; she designed and created PERFECT invites. I mean, you can see them below and judge for yourself but for me and Dan, they were PERFECT! Everything I had imagined and more.

“What about your save the dates I hear you ask?” Now, yes, many people do have save the dates however, with our wedding fast approaching (less than 6 months of planning) I didn’t see the point in save the dates. I guess you can say our ‘Save the Date’ was in a text form, telling the people we loved that we wanted them there and that if they wanted to stay to let us know! Simple; just as we wanted! So what if it wasn’t traditional, so what if it wasn’t what others were doing. It was us! Take it or leave it we thought!

So, Felicity created our amazing invites and took care of envelopes, labels, cutting, sticking and placing ribbon delicately on. She had it sussed and we are so LUCKY to have her in our lives! Closer to the time, she reminded me I’d need to think of place cards and the other stationery for the big day. Again, without ANY hesitation, she offered to do these for us. We kept everything in our own little theme of ‘simple’ and it worked brilliantly. Felicity made us the programmes, the place cards, the seating plan cards and even made us bookmarks to give as extra favours, perfect! All in our simple style, all matching, all PERFECT!

Our Main Invite
Main Invite Including Poem and RSVP slip
Our Seating Plan
Our Place Cards
Our Programmes
Our Favours

I loved every single part of it and loved that her talents could be part of our day! Unfortunately my beautiful friend Felicity couldn’t be with us on the day BUT oh my, was she there in spirit and in everything we saw in front of us! I love her to bits for everything she did and always will!

I hope this has inspired you all to make your own stationery! I will tell you this, it meant that when we looked around the room we knew that everything in front of us was made me love and with us in mind, that made it all the more special, that’s for sure!


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