‘I do…’ not have a clue what I’m doing! DIY Wedding Decor.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we are incredibly lucky to have such amazing people in our lives and the kindness didn’t stop at Felicity.


Originally when thinking about favours, I knew we would want something different, something original and something meaningful but I had no idea what. I knew it had to be something that would be cherished and that people could take home and use as a reminder of our day but not have to put it away in a “special” box because it was so obviously something about us. I also knew that we weren’t millionaires and as much as I wanted to spend a fortune on our guests, we couldn’t! Having said that, I think it means more if it is from the heart, not from the bank. Anyway, struggling for ideas, I asked around and it was then that my amazing buddy, Cath, showed me some coasters that her husband had made for her friend’s wedding! SOLD; I loved them! This was perfect, handmade and I could put our own spin on them! As I worked in a school at the time, I could then ask our DT teacher to engrave them for me which he did without ANY questions! He was even finishing them off on the last day of term, again, I couldn’t be more grateful!! We decided that we would name our tables after our favourite places and then for each table name, we found quotes that could tie in nicely and engraved these onto the coasters. I won’t go through them all now but if you’re interested, I have attached a PDF folder (table-names-and-quotes) with the names of the places, the meanings and the quotes! I love them and I hope you do too. We couldn’t be happier with how the coasters turned out!


Not only did Cath’s lovely husband provide us with the favours but also offered to make anything we wanted for the décor too (I actually ended up giving him a list which you can find here – wooden-list)! Now, as above, we knew we wanted simple! I didn’t want anything over the top but I wanted a relaxed, country (seeing as I am a country girl) sort of rustic/romantic theme (as you can see, I had no DEFINITE theme which was probably a nightmare for people)!  They hand crafted some AMAZING things for us including signs, crates, frames and cake stands! Honestly, it was all amazing! It all looked incredible so well made but with a rustic twist. It looked incredible on the day (if I do say so myself) and we will be forever grateful; I couldn’t have done any of this without their help (and their wood)!

It was then about putting everything together to make the day amazing and this is where people need to be alarmed! If you love creating and you’re a creative person, a DIY wedding is the way forward, it is an amazing feeling seeing all your ideas come to life and knowing that you (along with some amazing friends and family) made that come to life! It is SUPER cost-effective and so fun! However, if you are inpatient, not creative, stressful or like things absolutely perfect, DIY might not be for you as I was working on the final creations the morning before the wedding! I love every second of it but others may not!

Putting everything together was where I was able to get my hands dirty. I started off by doing some painting. Luckily, we already had some chalk paint in the house, it was an Annie Sloan paint that I got from Beti Biggs and it was in a pastel, duck egg colour (duck egg has to be one of my favourite colours). I bought some brown cardboard letters from Hobbycraft; D & K. You could leave them with the cardboard colour but I wanted to paint ours!


Top tip: when writing onto signs, if you want to get a specific font, print out the writing in the correct size and font that you want , click here sign-writing-2 and here sign-writing to see a few examples of mine! Once they’ve printed out, you can draw around the letters on the back of the paper using chalk, press quite hard but try and be as precise as you can then flip it onto the wood and rub the paper firmly. This will leave chalk marks of the font and writing that you want without having to cut anything out, I found this very time consuming but so easy! You simply paint over the chalk marks then in the colour you want. You can use this on the chalkboards too; see how mine turned out below!


Wedding Signs – (font = Janda Stylish Script which you can download here)

Blackboards using the fonts MoonFlower and Lovefern as linked in previous blog here.

I then had to attach string to the frames and then attach the name cards and seating plan cards and I did this just by using small wooden pegs. I bought loads of pegs and they were so useful. The prep involved a lot of printing, painting and pinning but it was so fun and I think they turned out well.


The rest of the décor was just made up by little things;


This love sign was from Wilkinsons for £10 and we bought copper lights like this to thread through it for the evening (Dan spent ages doing this but it was well worth it). I got some pink striped straws to place on the bar just to give it a splash of colour (we got ours from Dunelm but they don’t sell them anymore, you can get them here). We placed jugs that we already had around the place and filled them with pretty flowers and placed some of them in the crates. We used my mum’s candle lantern for decoration and with all the beautiful flowers we had, that was all we really needed really!


Top tip: don’t underestimate the beauty of flowers. I was obsessed with looking at images on Pinterest of the colourful paper lanterns hanging, the bunting people were using, the huge centrepieces people had used but if you have a beautiful venue, you don’t really need all that stuff. As long as you have a beautiful venue and beautiful flowers, you’ll have yourself a beautiful wedding.14628000_10154659902317491_1583032153_n


We were really lucky, a lot of flowers came from mum and dad’s garden (I always wanted this to happen so I was over the moon that we could). We also had a load of flowers of a lovely lady for a reasonable price and our main bouquets came from a shop in Narberth called Next Door. They were amazing and honestly EVERYTHING I had imagined!


So, there you have it, our décor. I honestly was over the moon with how our wedding looked and couldn’t ask for more. Our lovely wedding coordinator, Sam from the Corran (I will talk about the venue again), took all my décor items and ideas and brought them to life for us on the morning of our wedding. She worked so so hard and I will never forget that!

Happy decorating people!



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