Be mindful in the madness – 10 Amazing Ways to achieve peace in the mind

Peace and calm can be achieved in the mind, it can! It’s just sometimes, we need to be reminded how to drag ourselves out of a downward spiral and stay calm. Sometimes, we need coping mechanisms and ways of achieving this peace in our mind. Well, that’s what I am about to give you, my ways of achieving my calm, in my mind. I’m hoping that by writing this, I will help others fine their calm too. Whenever you’re having a moment, a moment of madness, try one of the following (or a combination) to help restore calm. Today, I had a bad day, so I did some of these things and they have helped, maybe they can help you too!


  1. Breathe – yes, I know, we breathe daily and yes, I know, we need to breathe all the time to stay alive. I don’t mean breathe as you would normally or stop holding your breath; I mean concentrate on your breathing. I mean take a second to stop what you’re doing and take a deep breath. I will normally shut my eyes and take a deep breath, in for 5 seconds through the nose and out of the mouth for five seconds and I will repeat this a few times until I can feel my heartbeat steadying. What some people don’t realise is that when things feel a bit intense or get too much, we get tense and overwhelmed. In turn our heartbeat will rise and it’ll make us feel on edge and unless we take the time out to steady our heartbeat, we will feel on edge for a very long time. Try it, next time you feel a little tense or overwhelmed, steady that breathing!


  1. Positives – This is something I have endlessly blogged about and I am a huge advocate of this, remembering the positives in your life. Today, I had a down day so I thought back through my day and pinpointed anything that made me smile. It could be one thing, it could be three, however many, you will always find something to be thankful for. That something, will remind you that however bad your day may seem, you can find something positive. It will lift you! Trust me. If my days are really bad, I would try and start the day on a positive and end the day on a positive. I would ask myself some positive questions so that I’m starting on a good note. For example “what are you grateful for today?” Simple as that! Everyone needs a little positivity in their lives but what we sometimes don’t realise is that it is always there, even on a dark day!
  1. Peace and quiet – a lot of people recommend meditation and having tried it, I would recommend it too! If you can learn to think about nothing for 5 minutes and learn how to clear your mind, it is really worthwhile. However, what I also realise is that meditating is NOT for everyone but peace and quiet is. Sit in a room, preferably a comfortable position and just sit. You can close your eyes if you like, you can have a go at deep breathing or you can just sit! Just take time to be quiet! It makes sense really; when your mind is feeling most on edge or tense or muddled surrounding yourself with a busy environment whether through noise of movement will only cloud your mind more. Surely sitting yourself in a quiet room with minimal movement can help you make sense of the things that seem the most unclear!


  1. Lavender – may not be for everyone but again, it is definitely for me. There is something incredibly soothing, calming and reassuring about the smell of lavender. Its softening notes really help to reduce stress levels and restore calmness in my mind. I currently burn my Lavender Yankee Candle  (recommended to me by the lovely owner of Roath Yankee Candle shop, Steven, thanks Steve) before going to bed and I’m burning it now. I love it and it’s lasted for such a long time. I don’t know what I’d do without it, it’s nearly coming to an end, I’ll have to replace and next time I’m going for a large!


  1. Suitcase project – feel like you have a million and one things on your mind? This may be worth a try. This one is particularly for the night when your thoughts are preventing you from getting some sleep and is an idea that my mum gave me (thanks mum). Close your eyes and try and think of a suitcase, really picture this suitcase and what it looks like exactly. Once you’ve picture this suitcase, picture opening it up using the buckles or the zip and one after one place everything single thing that is on your mind into this suitcase. Then, at the end, shut this suitcase and imagine putting it away! Again, this may not work for everyone but it does work for me, depending on how big the list is.
  1. Lists – this also links to the above. If you’re finding your list is too long or that the suitcase project isn’t for you, it is important that you do rid your mind of the 101 million things floating about and what better way than to make a list? Write everything you have (and I mean everything) on your mind done whether it’s a feeling, a thought or something you need to do (which is what is mostly on my mind) because once it’s written down, it will suddenly become more manageable.
  • Top tip: try and keep on track of your list and try and make it manageable. DO NOT write a list for tomorrow that is not achievable, split them into categories or section.
  • SECOND top tip: use the reminders app on your phone! OH MY GOODNESS, I am loving this app; it is incredible! Try not to use it at night as it will only disturb you more if you go on your phone but if you can use it on your phone, it is DEFINITELY worth using. I am using my reminders app on my iPhone and I find it so useful. I have categorised EVERYTHING and have written down everything on my mind as I’m scared of forgetting or everything getting too much. I make a list of what I want to do each day and give myself little alerts to remind me to do it, it’s great! When you tick things off, they go and then at the end of the day if you want to go back and click “show completed” it is utterly satisfying to view all your completed tasks of the day!
  1. Music – music can really, REALLY help you calm and restore. Today, to ease my mind I listened to the “Stress Relief” playlist on Spotify and it really helped me just chill! If you’re unhappy, play happy music and if you’re stressed play chilled! As you know from my previous post I love music and believe it is the cure for a lot of going’s on in the mind!


  1. Do something you love – right now, I’m blogging! Why? Because I love it and boy does it make me feel better! I have my stress relief music on and I’m blogging. It helps me forget what got me so worked up in the first place! Happy me = happy mind! It doesn’t have to be blogging for you, it could be reading, it could walking, it could be eating icecream, it could be anything!


  1. Bath – simple as that. Some candles, some music (spa music) and a bath with a bath bomb! The ultimate stress-buster, watch your troubles burst in the bubbles and melt away for 30 minutes of complete “you time”.


and last but not least…

  1. Switch off – something I am (and I think most people are) really bad at. Technology; it’s absolutely amazing and it blows my mind and for that reason, it sometimes needs to be switched off! It does blow your mind! There is so much to do, to look at, to read, to watch, to comment on but if you are able to switch it off just for a while, your mind will thank you! Our mind needs a break too; our mind needs to wind down so by going on our phones before bed and when we wake up, we’re preventing our minds from functioning by themselves and from breathing! GIVE YOUR MIND A BREAK! I desperately need to start doing this and I will! Starting tonight, my phone is going away at 9:00pm and not coming back until morning!



In conclusion, give your mind the break it deserves and it will thank you for it later on!


Keep smiling people!


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