‘I do…’ not have a clue what I’m doing! Short but sweet – our wedding cake!

For the wedding cake, we knew we wanted it to fit with everything, simple but beautiful! Lucky for us, an old family friend, Jane is an EXTREMELY talented baker and after seeing some of her AMAZING bakes online, there was no question who we wanted to bake our cake (take a look yourself and you’ll see why). Not only did her cakes look delicious but I knew her and how lovely she was too.


The whole process was just amazing, Jane was ready for any ideas I had, never once laughed at my Pinterest print outs and met up with me (and my mum) a couple of times to make sure we had it right! She made samples for us each time we had ideas of what flavours we wanted and I must be honest, they were all amazing!

Dan and I had different ideas on what the cake flavour should be. So, to compromise, we had a layer each. I chose a blueberry flavour and Dan chose lemon. Both equally as delicious and both complimented each other brilliantly! We went for a buttercream icing and it was so scrumptious!

When I saw the cake on the day, I couldn’t believe it. Jane had really made my ideal cake. It was everything I had wished for and it fitted in beautifully with the simplistic theme!


I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Jane and if you’re not planning on getting married anytime soon then head over to The National Botanic Garden Wales and call into Y Pot Blodyn where Jane’s bakes are on sale!


You can find Jane here:

Instagram: bakedbyjane

Facebook: @bakedbyjane

Twitter: @bakesbyjane

Website: http://www.bakedbyjane.co.uk/ 

Pinterest: https://uk.pinterest.com/BakedbyJane/?etslf=8780&eq=bakedbyjane

If not for her services, just for the pictures and her lovely blog, they are amazing!

As I said in the title, a short but deliciously sweet post!

Happy Friday


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