‘I do…’ not have a clue what I’m doing! My Glass Slippers

So as the day got closer and closer, smaller details were needed! I needed shoes, perfume, jewelry and thank you presents (I had to re-read my to-do to check what I was missing and realised I have a million other blogs I could do – sorryyy!).

Anyway, although these don’t sound like they would be confusing or big jobs, they actually were!

So let’s start with the shoes.


OH MY GOODNESS! EASY? I THINK NOT!!! Now, I don’t know about you (everyone is different) but my ideal wedding shoe is comfortable, pretty, different, special, reasonably priced and something I can wear again and for the WORLD’S WORST “shoe buyer” this was a pretty hefty task, just ask China. China has incredible taste in shoes so was my shoe guru from the beginning but I’m so indecisive that we went through a LOAD of websites and I just could not decide. I must have bought at least 10 pairs (yes, really) online and I sent them all back! Do you know when I decided (I think I have said in another blog so if you know then yay you and if not, read on)? I decided ON THE DAY of the wedding; about 1 hour before, with my dress on, with my family heading out the door, I had help from my photographer, bridesmaids and my mum and do you know how we decided? The pair I went for were comfortable, pretty, different, special, reasonably priced and something I can definitely wear again.Telling you this, makes it sound so simple but I just couldn’t decide. It was between these two:


These Ted Baker’s were beautiful, they were comfortable but they were pricey. They were a last minute purchase and I think if I had money to spare, I would have kept them but, I didn’t! I love, love love them and if you have a bigger budget than me, they are perfect but, with my budget being low, these were missing something. They were comfortable (tick), they were pretty (tick), they weren’t reasonably priced (enough for me anyway) and they didn’t feel “different”.


These Faith shoes from Debenhams however, WERE comfortable, WERE pretty (I think anyway), WERE different, WERE special (I’ll tell you why below), WERE reasonably priced (they’re even £13.50 now) and they ARE something I could wear again. The reason these were a little more special is because I got them when I was shopping with my mum. We couldn’t believe it, they were £36 at the time (a fraction of some of the others) and they were different! Not everyone liked them but I LOVED them and I love that they’re not your typical bridal shoe; I love that they’re different. I did have loads of compliments on the day too which made them even more special! I am yet to wear them again but then I am yet to go to a special occasion.

So, my advice when looking for your wedding shoes:

  1. Make a list of what you want from them

    mine is as above: comfortable, pretty, different, special, reasonably priced and something I could wear again.

  2. Go online and make multiple purchases

    Without doing this, I wouldn’t have anything to compare them to.

  3. Involve the people you love

    It’ll help make the process more enjoyable and make the shoes more special.

  4. Don’t stress

    This is the most important! If I (the most “stressy” person ever) can leave it until an hour before the wedding, you really have NOTHING to stress about.

  5. Don’t listen to people who say you won’t see them

    You do! You spend a lot of time yanking your dress up to walk and if (like me) you love them, you’ll want to be showing those bad boys off!



Happy shoe shopping brides-to-be (and people who just want to buy shoes after reading this)!



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