The Best Day of my Life – The Morning

I am one lucky lady and I know it. I know it every day and I am so very grateful for everyone and everything in my life, every day! However, on my BIG day, I felt it more than ever. It was truly the best day of my life and that was thanks to everyone around me!!

I have done a series of blogs leading up to this day, all titled ‘”I do…” not have a clue what I’m doing’ but it turns out I did know what I was doing all along! You think you don’t when you first start this wedding planing business but everything just seems to come together and it turns out, you got it sussed! I’m going to tell you how I know I had it sussed by telling you all about the best day of my life (everyone always says it, but never has a truer word been spoken).

photo by Aga Hosking Photography
I have just been looking at the photos of our day and I can honestly say my heart is pounding, I just have an overwhelming feeling of love and happiness when remembering our day and no one will ever take that away from me! I can also say that this blog, if I was to tell you EVERYTHING in one blog, would be a hefty one! Thing is, I want to tell you everything, I don’t want to leave a thing out so, ‘The Best Day of my Life’ blog may have to span over a couple (or several).

Anyway, here I go and I hope you enjoy reading as much as I’m going to enjoy writing and reminiscing!

The Morning

The morning was a mixture of things; mad, calm, peace and very very emotional. Being the QUEEN of to-do lists, in true Kate style, I prepared a to-do list for the morning of the wedding to make sure I knew where I was meant to be and when. Now, I can’t tell you if this even went to plan as I didn’t look at my watch, ONCE! Which proved to be a bit of a problem later on(you’ll find out why) but just typing and printing this list  (wedding-morning) made me feel so much better, as I had a bit more structure and I love that!

One thing not on the to-do list (because I didn’t need reminding to do this) was to visit my nanny; my dad’s mum! My nanny sadly died when I was 6 but has always remained a huge part of my heart. On the morning of the wedding, my dad, brothers and I visited her grave to see her before I got married. This, as you can imagine, was very emotional but it meant the world to me, the absolute world. I just KNOW she would have LOVED Dan just as much as me and would have absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED every single second of our day and I know she was somewhere watching!


Following that, I took a drive, on my own! To have a little practice of something (if you were there or have read previous blogs or follow me on social media, you’ll know why and if not, you’ll have to read my following blogs to find out why). This was lush, as in the middle of the mayhem, I took 10 minutes to myself to think about the day ahead.

I returned home to what I can only describe as a mad house full of love! Mum, gran, Bob and Jack were sorting flowers, China was running around after my two beautiful nephews, the girls were busy showering and getting ready, Tom was busy making food for everyone, dad was busy going over his speech and I stood there taking it all in because it was truly magical. Some of my most favourite people in MY home, my home where I grew up and everyone there and busy because of me and my future husband!

photos by Aga Hosking Photography
It wasn’t long until there was a knock at the door and makeup and hair arrived! I think I’ve said this before but one thing I LOVED about the wedding was that I knew (or got to know) everyone involved so well before that it felt like I had friends in the house. And so the preparations began:


Before the day, my hairdresser from Cardiff, the beautiful Hannah, had coloured and cut my hair and worked supppper hard to get me back blonde (something I definitely wanted for the wedding) and I am so very grateful to her! Pippa, my hair stylist on the day is an old friend of mine and I trusted her implicitly. She just seemed to “get” what I wanted my hair to look like and worked damn hard to get it right. And boy did she get it right, I absolutely loved it. Before I sat down to have my hair done, I had a shower, as you do! When I got out of the shower, I just became distracted; making people drinks, talking to people and just generally getting stuff ready forgetting all about my wet hair (as I didn’t know any different). However, Pippa clocked this and ordered me to sit down and she blow-dried my hair. If she hadn’t, it would have ended up frizzy, lifeless and horrible (haha!) so thank God she was keeping an eye on me because I would never have even thought about it! I loved, loved every second of getting my hair done and she checked with me all the way that I was happy. We chatted and laughed and it was honestly so so nice to have someone I knew and trusted doing my hair!

Highly recommend Pippa and you can contact her here: Pippa Hayes Mobile Hairdressing
We put some extensions in to give extra length and volume and I had loose curls all the way through. For a lot of my life, I have worn a flower in my hair so we decided to use some flowers (that the florist had prepared for us) in among my loose curls and I LOVED IT!

photo by Aga Hosking Photography


I then moved on to makeup. Another thing I didn’t know is that you do hair first because if the hairdresser needs to apply water, hairspray or move your head then they won’t touch any makeup or anything. Makes perfect sense but something I would NEVER have thought about. Good job I had experts in! I was SUPER lucky when it came to makeup, my best friend and bridesmaid Nia, bought me my makeup as a present for my wedding day! HOW AMAZING IS THAT? Such a thoughtful, lovely gift and I will ALWAYS love her for it! She had a friend called Jemma who is AMAZING at makeup and works for MAC and Jemma was able to do my makeup for me! I am so privileged as she drove all the way from Cardiff especially for our big day and she was amazing. I didn’t know Jemma before but by the time our big day was here, I felt like we had been friends for a while! We had had a trial and I explained to her exactly what I wanted. She said I wasn’t but I felt like a super fussy customer. I don’t wear much makeup and when I do, it’s always super natural; I wasn’t prepared to change that on my wedding day. I wanted subtle and natural but elegant and still with the “wow” factor. She delivered. I must admit, she made me feel so pretty and she comes, again, very highly recommended, if you need your makeup done for any occasion, you can contact her here: Jemma Hughes. She had the mirror in front of us and for every step, she checked it was okay with me! I truly felt like a princess!


I can’t thank Hannah, Jemma and Pippa enough for being such a special part of our day and I couldn’t be happier they were there!

What a morning it had already been! Everyone buzzing around, everyone laughing, everyone happy and everyone there for us; Dan and me! Truly mind-blowing and very humbling!

I could go on and on and on but that’s it for now. The next instalment will include the ceremony and all things lovely so stay tuned!

Keep smiling


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