On my way to my first 10k

Exercise is hard. It’s essential yes, but it’s hard. I guess it’s the same with everything in the world, some people love it, some just get on with it and some can’t abide it. For pretty much most of my life, I have hated it. I don’t want to and I try so hard not to but sometimes I do. I enjoyed playing netball in school but only because I was Goal Shoot and didn’t really have to move much (how embarrassing) and I liked rounders but only when I was batting, fielding was boring and too much effort. When the words “cross country” came out of my P.E teacher’s mouth, my stomach would turn (sorry P.E teachers). I’d pray to be ill so I could get out of it but in those days, P.E was pretty impossible to avoid. Once or twice I had a fake note from a friend (sorry mum) but I was riddled with guilt so couldn’t do that anymore. Half way around the cross country track, I would weigh up if I could get away with stopping and waiting for the others to come back so I could join them and look like I’d done the whole thing. There was absolutely no way you’d find me doing the fields as that was just too long! How pathetic, I know. To those of you who love to exercise, I know right now, you’ll be judging me! I want to reply with “but it’s not my fault I don’t like it” however, I know that just won’t wash with the likes of the super fitties who love it! So I won’t say it, even though I kind of just have haha!


Anyway, yes, I wasn’t a fan. However, when I was just 14, something happened that would not only change my life but would change my attitude to one particular type of exercise altogether. When I was 14, my mum found out she had cancer which I won’t talk about now because I’ve already done that, in this blog. In 2003, my mum decided to run her first ‘Race for Life’ and in 2004, I joined her. We have done the ‘Race for Life’ pretty much every year since (apart from last year because I was deep into wedding planning and on my hen weekend etc. when they were on but I’m hoping I make up for it this year and you’ll see why). Running this race gave me a weird feeling, mostly because I was surrounded by amazing people doing an amazing thing and going through incredibly heartbreaking times but also because I felt free, I felt excited and for once in my life I found myself enjoying exercise. My running journey started there really. In all honesty, it’s been pretty intermittent since but I have loved it every time I’ve done it since I ran that race with mum.

2015 ‘Race for Life’
So, you might be thinking, that’s all very well but why the hell are you telling us this now? Well, I’ll tell you why…I have just signed up for the 5k ‘Race for Life’ again this year but not only that, I’ve also signed up to do the Cardiff 10k, TWO OF THEM. A 5K and two 10Ks. Now, I know this isn’t the London Marathon or anything but it’s an achievement for me and I can’t wait to do it. The girl who used to hide in the bushes to avoid doing exercise is now signing up voluntarily to run further than she ever thought she could. This might mean nothing to you but it means a hell of a lot to me and I’m reckoning there’s a few people out there who may be interested in how I intend on doing it. So, I thought maybe I could keep you updated on my blog about how I’m preparing for my 10k!

Over the years I’ve built my running up, I’ve had times where I haven’t run for ages, sometimes almost a year, I’ve had times where I’ve run loads and I’ve had times where I’ve tried other ways to stay fit but one thing is for sure, I always come back to running. I have often run a 5k but after joining ‘The Boatshed’ (which was amazing and so friendly), a cross fit gym in Cardiff last year (just before the wedding, great motivation), I went out on a run and found that I could do 8k, 8k! I couldn’t believe it, I just kept running and running. Well, as if that wasn’t enough, the other day, I reached the 8k again but challenged myself to keep running and I did. I did my first ever 10k the other day and I truly felt amazing after it. Even though I have achieved it now, that’s not enough, I want to be able to maintain it, I want to be able to improve my speed so hopefully (she says, knowing that she has said this before, in this blog to be exact) I can keep it up and keep getting better. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be telling you I’m doing the marathon but for now, 10k is A OKAY!

On my way to 10k

So come along, on this journey with me…on my way to my first 10k (race)!

My first blog for this up will be up tomorrow, all about how the hell I found my motivation.


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