My Weekly Positives – 23rd August 2015

Hello blog readers!

Well, I’ve been rubbish this week haven’t I? Bet I’m beginning to sound a bit like a broken record but this week has flown by and has been pretty manic. I didn’t manage to get my weekly blog out on Wednesday, Thursday or even Friday this week and I’ll tell you why:

Wednesday – I was visiting my nephews again! I am loving visiting them. Then, when I got home, The Bake Off was on – hooray!

Thursday – Results day! I was so nervous and worked up about it, I got home and slept! I was wiped out. Turns out, there was nothing to worry about!

Friday – I was busy doing a bit of school work (sorry work chums but you know what I’m like) and then I had a lovely, out of the blue text from my bestie, Nia, asking me to join her and Mammy Bear for a drink in Juno, I could not refuse.

Anyway, excuses out of the way, all I can really say is, I’m sorry! Please forgive me?


Onto the positives (I think I have just said them all above, woops):

  1.    Name the things that made you smile this week:

♥  I went to visit a good friend of mine who I don’t get to see often, Kayls. It was so, so lovely! I also got to catch up with my work buddy at the same time, perfecto! I met little Herbs for the first time and he is just perfect. Kayls is an amazing mum and I do miss her! I absolutely LOVED catching up!

♥  I had some pictures printed and they were delivered this week. There’s something about an actual photograph that you just can’t beat.

♥ Stevie has been very affectionate lately and he jumps up on us for cwtches which is lush.

IMG_20150823_203802 IMG_20150823_203650

 ♥  A little down day this week meant I really needed a friend. Nia to the rescue with a chocolate bar – she knows me so well. Thank you for making me smile again Nia.  ♥


 ♥  We visited my nephews and their mum and dad again this week (as I told you above) and it was lush.

♥  Bakeeeeeee Off – Bake Off always makes me smile!!

♥  So, as I said above, it was GCSE Results Day this week and I swear I get more nervous these days than I ever did for my own results. It is always the best day as a teacher though, to see those smiling faces make every little drop of sweat or tear worth while. Well done GCSE pupils, you make me BEAM with pride!

♥  Meeting up with Nia and her mum for a drink. I love how caring they are.  ♥ I am a lucky, lucky girl to be surrounded by caring, lovely people. After we had a drink, I took a little stroll to Wok to Walk and treated myself to some take out noodles and they were deeeeeeeeelicious.


♥  I’m away from Dan at the moment and although that does NOT make me smile, how much I miss him, does. ♥ ♥ ♥  Which leads me on to my next one…

♥  I’m in Laugharne, wohooo! Although the weather is horrible, I love being here.

♥  To end the week, I am having a little drop of my favourite wine – The Calafornia Pink (aka Pink Chill) with a touch of lemonade (such a lightweight). It is so refreshing and well-deserved, even if I do say so myself.


 2.    What are you grateful for?

♥  Nia (and how much chocolate she gives me)!

3.     What did you do for you this week?

♥  When I got to Laugharne, I had a bath! I used some Bubble Bar from Lush and mum has these diffuser sticks that make the bathroom smell like a spa. So relaxing and peaceful.

♥  I also took the time to do nothing, just for me! A little bit of nothingness before the madness of school starts again!

I hope you’ve all had a lush week, I know I have, AGAIN! 


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