5 Ways to get Motivated Now

1. Read Sounds weird; why would you read when you are trying to convince yourself to get up and go? I don't mean read a good novel, relax and unwind. I mean read a success story, read relatable stories about people like you (and me) who struggle to get out and go, but do. It … Continue reading 5 Ways to get Motivated Now

So if someone could see you now, let them see you.

Life is hard these days isn’t it? Striving for this perfection that everyone else seems to have and get so easily is tiring. It feels super hard to get to where you want to be and super hard to get the things you want in life, doesn’t it? But does it? On my regular visits … Continue reading So if someone could see you now, let them see you.

Success is what you make of it!

Success – how do you know when you have achieved it? What on earth does that even mean? As you all probably already know, I am smack bang in the middle of a career change. I’ve had ups and downs during this period, mainly ups really but my downs are centred on a similar thing … Continue reading Success is what you make of it!

Life After Teaching

Grab a cuppa readers – this one’s a biggy! Please excuse the length but there’s no cutting corners here, you need to know the truth and the truth comes with a hefty story! Since I posted my blog about leaving teaching (Live life in the moment; why I left teaching.) I have had a lot … Continue reading Life After Teaching

The Best Day of my Life – The Morning

I am one lucky lady and I know it. I know it every day and I am so very grateful for everyone and everything in my life, every day! However, on my BIG day, I felt it more than ever. It was truly the best day of my life and that was thanks to everyone … Continue reading The Best Day of my Life – The Morning

Top 10 Tips for Wedding Planning

So as we creep closer to the end of my wedding planning journey, I wanted to put a list out there for all of you planning a wedding to help you on your way. I was a complete newbie to this wedding planning malarkey and even though I loved every single second, there were also things … Continue reading Top 10 Tips for Wedding Planning

Money vs Happiness

A common question when I made the decision to give up teaching was “…but won’t you miss the money?” There have been several questions along the way; “Are you sure this is what you want?” “ What will you do instead?” “Is it really that bad?” but that one question “…but won’t you miss the … Continue reading Money vs Happiness