Sunday 14th June 2015 – My Birthday!

So, as you can imagine, Sunday was a VERY positive day! It was my birthhhhhhhhhhdayyyy and I had the best day ever. This blog is bound to be longer than my usual as I have A LOT of positives from Sunday, A LOT! I have been smiling from sunset to sunrise.

Before I start, please can I just say, I am not by any means, showing off. I am very lucky and I know how lucky I am. I have been well and truly spoilt on my birthday and want to share it with you but, as I said, I am not showing off. I am just showing you why I feel I have so much to be grateful for. When I showed Nia, she said ‘woah, it’s like Christmas’ and she’s right, it felt like Christmas but it wasn’t Jesus’ birthday, it was MINNNNNNNNNNE!!! Anyway, read on and I hope you enjoy!

  1. Name three (yeah, right) things that made you smile today:

– Waking up, at home, on my birthday! I felt like a child, I had butterflies.

– Walking into the kitchen to see a beautiful birthday cake and some cards. What a lovely start to the day. My mum is an amazing baker and makes deeeelicious cakes, however, for my birthday, I always ask if I can have a shop bought Madeira cake because, if you can’t have it at your birthday, when can you have it?


– We went to Race for Life. It was mine and my mum’s 11th race together. It was mum’s 12th but I missed one. It was an absolutely lush day. Dad and Dan came to support, again and mum asked the commentator to announce my birthday which he did and then said that I didn’t look 27, wohoooo! Well done to all the ladies who took part in that race, it was such a lovely day and a day that mum and I can remember how lucky we are, together! For more on this head over to my blog Cancer; so much more than just a word where I say a lot more! 


– The sun came out to play! I knew my sunglasses would come in handy!


– I was made to feel like a true princess from start to finish. Thank you mum, dad and Dan!

– My Facebook was rammed with lovely messages from friends for both my Race for Life and my birthday! I love you all!


– I hit my target of £150 on my JustGiving page. Thank you to all my lovely friends who sponsored me, you are the best. Also, I must mention my brother, Jack who sponsored me £73 so I could reach my target. It’s not too late either, if you still would like to donate, please find the click here


– My other brother, Tom sent me a lovely video to wish me a “Happy Birthday” and he also called me and we had a lovely phone call. 

– I got home (Laugharne) to a stack of gifts ready for me to unwrap, I was really, really spoilt by my parents and Dan, I am one very lucky girl! Don’t I know it!


– I had cards and pressies galore of family and friends, thank you to everyone, I cherish all my cards and gifts so much!


– We drove home (Cardiff) and saw Stevie. It’s surprising how much I miss him when we’re away! I often wonder if he feels the same!

– When we got in, I saw MORE cards and presents on the table! I sat down with my cup of tea and tucked into them. I love prolonging my birthday!

– We got in and I was pooped. We watched some TV and stuffed our faces with my birthday cake and chocolates! Deeelicious! 

– Sharing today day with Nic. I honestly couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather share a birthday with, she is the best and although I didn’t get to spend the day with her, I know that Nia would have spoiled her and I was with them in spirit! 

IMG_20150615_202216[1] IMG_20150615_204949[1]

– Spending the day with these two:


– Spending the day with this one:


– Bedtime. Although today was the greatest, it sure did take it out of me (I’m convinced I had heat stroke) and bedtime was welcomed with open arms!

  1. What are you grateful for?

Amazing friends and family who truly are the best thing(or people) in my life!

  1. What did you do for you today?

Do I need to answer that, really? Today was MY day and no one made me feel any different! I am, in a word, blessed and I feel it too!


Well, I had the best day ever. I hope yours was good too!

Happy Birthday 27 year old me!


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