Wednesday 3rd June 2015

Good evening lovely people, I hope you are all well.

Here are my positives for today, there aren’t many pictures because I’m keeping it simple today. Not everyday needs to be singing and dancing to be a good one! Anyway, enjoy!

  1. Name three (four again) things that made you smile today:

– My brilliant year 9’s and their assessment performances. They were fantastic and really, really made my day! I love my job but sometimes, I do forget why (as I’m sure everyone, in any job does) and today, they reminded me. 

– The sun. Hooorah! I did enjoy the cosy feeling I had when it was raining outside but I do love, love, love the sun on my face. Gorgeous!


 – My phonecall with my mum on the way home. I almost didn’t put this in because I thought I do write this one a lot BUT if it makes me happy then why wouldn’t I? I love my phone calls with my mum, I can’t be with her everyday (like I wish I could) but it feels like I am when we talk so much! 

– Dan. Again, another one I say a lot but why wouldn’t I? 

  1. What are you grateful for?

My talented pupils. 

  1. What did you do for you today?

I hit publish on a blog I had been sitting on for a little while, it feels good. 

Simple but beautiful, much like my day! I hope you’re smiling.


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