Just Did It – My Exercise Journey

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my world of doing! Not watching, not thinking about, not attempting but doing. A world where I get up and go and tell you how it went…! It is a well known fact that exercise can be good for the mind and inevitably, make you happy. Therefore, this is an essential part of my ‘Journey of Happiness’.

If you have read my blog ‘Why Can’t I Just do it?‘ you will know that I will be uploading a post each time I do some exercise so you can see how I am getting on. To find these post just hover over the menu link for this page (above) and it will drop down with each date.

To help me through this, I will be using the Nike+ Running app, my beloved Nike running shoes along with my trusty sidekick, Spotify!


I hope you enjoy!! I hope I do!!


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