Just did it – Exercise Blog #1

I did it; I got up this morning, I got dressed into my ‘P.E Kit’ and I got out and it felt…HARD! I’m not going to lie, from the decision to go out and do it, to actually doing it was really tough but now I’ve done it…I feel REALLY good and that is the truth.


It was difficult to get out of bed today.

I woke up at about 6:30am this morning and other than work running through my mind, my decision to go for a run was also playing a huge role in my thought process. I’ll be honest, I thought of every single way I could squirm my way out of it; I thought “I could go in the week and put this blog off until the week, no one would know”. I also thought “I have too much to do today, running can wait” or “I think I have a headache coming on, running should probably wait” or the best excuse ever “I’m quite tired, running will only make it worse”. However, something deep inside me told me I had to go today and I knew I would only feel bad if I didn’t. Not because I’d let anyone else down but I knew I’d be letting myself down. So, I went and it was so good; hard, but good. Just as all the people doing the London Marathon set off, I started a marathon of my own. Granted, it’s not even a spec on their marathon but it was a big enough challenge for me today, thank you!



You could tell it was my first time in a year; some of my songs on my ‘Running’ playlist on Spotify were not helpful (some were obscene), my earphones were falling out, my trousers keep falling down, my sports bra was too tight and to top it all off, I forgot to press start on my Nike+ Running app – brilliant! By the way, if you haven’t got this app, get it (no one is paying me to say this, I wish they were) but get it! It is absolutely brilliant and when the little voice on the app said, “1 mile completed, well done” it felt great! Anyway, I got 0.66 miles into my run before realising that the app wasn’t running; I had to stop and restart it.


My Run: Recorded on the Nike+ Running app.

So, to stop any mishaps like this in the future, I’ve created a to-do list for the next few runs:

  1. Click ‘go’ on Nike+ Running (almost essential).
  2. Make a Spotify playlist that’s suitable and bearable (please feel free to recommend some tunes, my favourite today was ‘Feel So Close’ by Calvin Harris.
  3. Maybe invest in a pair of higher waist trousers? I love my Nikes though.
  4. Buy a new sports bra (a must), no one wants a tight sports bra.
  5. I miss my old iPhone so much and although I can’t afford to buy a new iPhone 6, maybe I could get some iPhone earphones as they never fell out.


Top Song for Running Today.

When I say it was hard, I mean it. I got to just under a mile in, and my chest was tight, I had a stitch in my stomach that felt like it was growing and I was out of breath and puffy. However, I don’t know how, but I ran through it; I ran through the pain and ran through the thoughts of giving up and I kept going, albeit slowly, I kept going. There were points when I thought I couldn’t do it, so I just walked, I didn’t stop! I think that’s important, don’t stop, walk! “Walk and run, walk and run”; that’s what Dan had said to me before I left and he was right. It helped. There was a point though, where I was walking alongside the road and I thought about the people looking at me and wondering why I was walking whilst everyone else was running and I nearly let that get to me until I reminded myself that I wasn’t doing it for them; I was (and am) doing it for me (and maybe a little bit for my blog)!

I tell you what really did help my run though, seeing all the other runners; all different shapes and sizes and all out there for the same reason. It was weird really, each time I passed a runner (on the opposite side, I’m not making out I’m Mo Farah) I smiled as if I knew them, as if I knew what they were thinking – they must have thought I was a weirdo. Anyway, there I was smiling away when all of a sudden, I passed a friendly face. Someone I used to work with in Tea and Cake Café. Now, this person had no idea it was my first run in a while, they didn’t realise just how much I was struggling and they didn’t know I badly needed encouragement to keep me going but their soft call of “keep going” was all I needed to see me to my front door. Her kindness and encouragement made me smile and gave me the final push I needed. So, thank you if you ever read this.



My songs on Spotify, although not helpful, did make me laugh. I was near the end of the run when all of a sudden on popped ‘Cleveland, Shake’ from the album ‘Girl Talk’ and I actually laughed out loud (anyone young reading this, this is the warning, the lyrics in this songs aren’t for a young person’s ears). I’m not sure why, it wasn’t that funny but as the lyrics kicked in, it was funny because it was almost encouraging in an obscene kind of way. I must remember to make a new playlist.


Weird but Funny.

Anyway, my run came to an end and I had a satisfying glow in my face (a bright red tomato face more like). The final hurdle; convincing myself it is a good idea to keep this up, to go again later in the week. This hurdle wasn’t as difficult as I thought. As this thought entered my mind, my phone went off. It was a text from Dan asking how the run went and saying he was proud of me for doing it. Enough to keep anyone going I reckon.



Anyway, I hope this gives you a push that you want/need and I wish you happy exercising people. Until next time…and there will be a next time!


Oh and just in case you’re wondering what ‘P.E Kit’ I decided to wear:

Trousers: Nike Running trousers – although they did fall down a little, they are super comfy.

Sports bra: Adidas – I need a new one so if you can recommend any, I’d be grateful.

Top: Roxy – I tried to look for the link for this as I love it but they don’t sell it anymore. However, go on their website and look at their fitness clothes, oh my goodness! I just did, it’s dangerous as I want it all

Trainers: Nike Pegasus 30 – best trainers I’ve owned.

Phone holder: Incase. This is ideal for an iPhone but not so much for a HTC One m8. http://www.goincase.co.uk/iphone/sports-armband-pro#.VT0YXyFViko

I could only find the link for the phone case, sorry! It’s been so long since I last went that all the sports gear I own is not on sale anymore!

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