Just did it – Exercise Blog #2

Oh my goodness, I did not want to run this morning. I’ll be honest, I felt Wednesday that I could go for a run then talked myself out of it. I then planned to go on the Friday but once the school bell rang, all I wanted to do was go home, eat pizza and sit down; a run was not on the menu. So, I decided I should go on Sunday but nope, that didn’t happen either. I have been what you call ‘rubbish’ this week. I thought, “I have Bank Holiday Monday, that’ll be fine”, so I put it off. I knew before I went to bed last night that I did not want to go. In my head, I was trying to think of reasons for not going but I had nothing, none, zilch! I resorted to hoping it was raining when I woke up, but it wasn’t! This morning wasn’t any different, I did not want to go but, I knew I had to for two reasons:

1. I needed to blog about it before you lot thought I had given up.

2. ‘The Race for Life’ is creeping up on me, it’ll be here before you know it and I need to be prepared.


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I was really struggling in the motivation area this morning. I had my breakfast (the usual yogurt and honey) with a cup of tea and sat here thinking about how much I didn’t want to go. So, I reached out to my friends, I asked them for some motivation and what I got, was amazing. I had some amazing advice from my brother who said, if you don’t enjoy it, you’re doing the wrong thing and I guess he’s right. I do need to find something I enjoy. He mentioned trying skipping so my next plan is to buy a skipping rope and give it a whirl.

I had lots of comments from lovely people spurring me on which was lush and so supportive, so thank you all for them. One particular one that pushed me was one from my bessie, Rach. She said she was in a similar situation with me but said if she goes, I have to too! Haha! I also had two lovely comments from my twitter friends, people I have never met before, people who don’t even know me. I put a tweet out there saying I needed motivation and two people replied telling me what I was doing it for was a good reason and to get out there and do it. How lush is that? Two people who don’t know anything about me, supporting me? Sorry to get deep on you here but, it restores my faith in our world a little. You can find them on twitter . Anyway, following those messages, my messages from Rach, who is forever supportive and a message from my mum saying she’d already been, I got up and I got ready.



Now, remember I had to learn from last weeks mistakes, well I did. I made sure I had an appropriate playlist ready to go and it was so much better. It looked a little bit like this:


These are just a few songs.

If you want to know the whole list, let me know!

I put it on shuffle and it was great. My favourites today were, Beyonce’s “Got Me Bodied – Extended Mix” (which took a little while to kick off but when it did, it did give me a boost at the most crucial point),  RUN-DMC’s “It’s Like That” and Kanye West’s “Stronger”. They spurred me on and kept me going. I caught myself singing at one point, or rapping even haha! Music is important when running, you have to get this right; I felt so different for good music today.

Another mistake I didn’t make this time was forgetting to press ‘go’ on my Nike+ Running App. I pressed start and ran 2.88miles in just over 34 minutes. I love this app so much, if you haven’t already got it, get it!! I text my mum when I had finished telling her to get it. I love it.


My run today, further than last time. Well done me!

I changed my trousers and my sports bra but still had the same problems. The sports bra was still too tight and the trousers (this time, Adidas) kept falling down. I’m sure there are trousers that don’t do this, if you have any idea, please let me know! I have thought about maybe getting a pair of Nike Dri-FIT Run in the hope they’ll stay up or maybe even the ‘tights’ called Nike Pro Hyperwarm Limitless. I really am not sure and would love your opinion.  I think I’ve sorted a good bra…I’m thinking of getting this one, Nike Pro Classic in Carbon Heather and Black. Let me know if you have this or if you have any thoughts on the whole sports bra situation. So, basically, I think it is under control but it hasn’t quite been sorted yet.

Also, the headphones situation; I tried wrapping the wire around the strap of my vest so that it wouldn’t bounce too much and it worked, no slippage of the headphones today, wohoo!!

So, all in all, today was a lot more successful and I was proud of myself because I was determined. So determined that when I got to the point where I had to stop and walk last time, I kept going. So determined that when it got to the point where I usually run back, I kept going. I ran further today and it was a lush run. I ran through some lovely, lovely flower gardens and passed the smallest little one ever running and smiling at me. I ran passed the gorgeous Roath Lake and it was looking particularly lovely today. I wanted to stop and take a picture but my Nike app threatened to cancel my run so I kept going (I must work out how to do both).

It felt good to be out there and even better to be ambitious and determined. I had several stitches and at one point, a very tight chest (I think this is bra related) but I didn’t stop, I just kept going and this makes me very proud of myself. Don’t get me wrong, it was tough; there were points when, I was stopped at the traffic lights and thought I may collapse. However, I kept going, please don’t ask me how, I guess it’s just will power, I just kept going. I got to a point where my run was incredibly slow but I was running and I didn’t care! I just ran and ran and ran.

It was lush; at points I would think about what I could write in this blog and for that moment in time, I forgot about how tired I was and the little niggle in my ankle, I forgot that I was sweating and had a tight chest and I just enjoyed.



My favourite thing about today’s run (other than my determination) was a lady who walked by me and reminded me that I could have my little country life in the city, if I wanted. Now, if you’ve read my ‘Country vs City; Where is my heart?’ blog, you’ll know what I’m on about. If not, click the link above and it will take you there. Anyway, this lady, I didn’t know her, I knew nothing about her but as I ran by her she called out, ‘Morning’; I loved it, it made me smile so much! What a friendly, warm lady!


I had a banana and a bottle of water waiting for me, the straightest banana I’ve ever seen! 

Anyway, it was a good run, it was hard but it was good and as it came to an end this time, I didn’t have a satisfied glow on my face (although, I was pretty satisfied), I had a bright red, sweaty look on my face. The type of face I always get after exercising. Does anyone else’s face go an unusually bright red colour? I’d love to know as it’s so red, it’s funny!


This picture doesn’t even do it justice.

On my return, I sat and I thought about how worried I was about going and I wondered why. I was so happy when I had finished, surely this was worth doing again?

Well, I guess we will see. Until next time fellow exercisers and I hope not to keep you waiting too long for the next one!

p.s. I think I’m going to Yoga on Wednesday, I’ll let you know how it goes as I am a complete beginner.


Oh and just in case you’re wondering what ‘P.E Kit’ I decided to wear:

Trousers: Adidas Running trousers – although they did fall down a little, they are super comfy and have pink on them so are perfect for the ‘Race for Life’. I don’t have a link sorry as they were from McArthur Glen

Sports bra: Roxy – a little tight but that’s more my issue than the bras. I tried to find a link but it’s not on the website anymore. They do have some lush fitness clothes on there though, worth a look.

Top: Puma – I like to wear a black top as it makes me feel better. However this did give me a little rash under the arm. I think I need sleeves.

Trainers: Nike Pegasus 30 – best trainers I’ve owned, ever. After not running for a year, they haven’t given me any problems. I have NEVER had a blister from these.

Phone holder: Incase. This is ideal for an iPhone but not so much for a HTC One m8. http://www.goincase.co.uk/iphone/sports-armband-pro#.VT0YXyFViko

2 thoughts on “Just did it – Exercise Blog #2

  1. well done you! keep reminding yourself how great you felt during and after your run and how big an impact you are making in the lives of others and their future. keep the image of the beautiful garden you saw today – you get to watch it grow as you do every time you run that route. I will be donating as it has moved me that you have got yourself out there after almost forcing yourself not to – really proud of you! Keep going! X

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