Just did it – Exercise Blog #3 Yoga Session


I guess you could say yoga “surprised” me. I will be completely honest, when the girls and I decided to go to yoga, I thought it would be a relaxing, fairly lazy way of doing some exercise. How wrong I was! Yoga was, hard! I came out of there feeling like I had done an immense amount of work and my body was shattered. I absolutely loved it though.


Getting ready to go.

Firstly, it was absolutely lush to be out and doing something with Nic and Nia. Usually, we will go to Juno Lounge and have a drink and a chat. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing that and Juno Lounge is lush but, it was so nice to do something different together. It felt like a scene out of ‘Sex and the City’ or ‘Made in Chelsea’, haha! We didn’t need to go far either, we went to Strechy Suzie’s in Cathays and I would definitely recommend it.

When we arrived, we were a little unsure (as people are, the first time they go to a new class), we arrived and the door was opened for us. There was lovely, calming music in the background and quite a few people already there. The room was bare and small but spacious at the same time (?) if you know what I mean. It just felt calm and we settled pretty quickly. The lady taking the class (Becky) was just so lovely and calming that it felt easy to be there.

It was so nice to be doing some different exercise. I have always wanted to try yoga and I’m so glad I did. To begin with, we were all a little baffled, there are some extreme moves and stretches out there that we didn’t even know about and although there was no way you’d get me to do a headstand right now, I did learn a lot of different yoga poses (the ‘Downward Dog’ and the ‘Cobra’) that were achievable for me. Now, I’ve seen these in pictures and people doing them on TV before and I thought, “oh that looks easy, anyone could do that” but there is a real skill to some of these yoga moves, they are quite the challenge.

downdog 200x200-cobra-baby-full_0
Downward Dog                                              Cobra Pose

Boy, did I feel the burn, like I’ve never felt it before. We were using blocks and squatting to the floor, very slowly. I loved this as:

1. It really made my legs burn and it felt good.

2. I could go all the way and that felt like an achievement.

It was such a chilled atmosphere. The girls and I (sorry girls) knew we were obvious beginners and instead of pretending not to realise, Becky had a giggle with us and came over and helped us. She was really friendly and it was so nice to be in a yoga class and not afraid to have a little giggle. I tell you what though, one thing we were all worried about was the dreaded ‘accidental fart’ and at the end of it, we were all able to celebrate; it didn’t happen!

We completed a series of moves whilst spying on all the others in the class who were completing headstands and all sorts; something for a future date I think. However, I did attempt what I call the ‘Crab’ but what I think is called, ‘Upward Bow Pose’ and, with a little help, I did manage it, just not for long. My aim at the moment is to complete the ‘Crow Pose’, I had a go but kept falling, I will do it one day!

At the end, we lay down with our eyes closed and Becky lowered the lights and used some lovely incense/oil burner. She walked around the room, putting slight pressure on our shoulders and a small rub and reposition of our heads. It was lush; simple but lush. She was also reminding us to think of positive things and things we were grateful for, which of course, ties in with my blog and idea of mindfulness perfectly. I loved it. I came out of there glowing, looking forward to next time. In fact, when I got home, Dan could tell I had enjoyed as I was bouncing around the house, talking his ears off. You can tell when I’m excited about something, I usually get very chatty.


Fresh faced and wide eyes before going.

 On reflection, my choice of outfit was not good. I needed some bottoms that weren’t as free and baggy and had a little more shape to them. I felt really scruffy and not only that, they weren’t ideal; they kept falling down and going up the wrong places, so a change of bottoms is a definite. Also, one mistake I made was thinking I needed my running trainers, they came straight off as soon as I walked through the door; I could have worn my Converse or even my flip flops.


My yoga outfit #firsttimer.

Overall, my yoga experience was lush and I loved every part, including the burning feeling! It felt like I was working hard on my body without getting out of breath too much. I recommend it! Thank you Stretchy Suzie’s, see you next week!

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