Just did it – Exercise Blog #4

I did it, I did another run! It’s been a little while since I last did one. I wasn’t feeling well last week (in case you hadn’t already got that from my other blogs) so I didn’t do any exercise, which is bad really but never mind.

So, I was meant to go running on Sunday but when I woke up, guess what? I really didn’t want to. That’s the story of my life. I text my mum to see if she had been, hoping this would give me some motivation to get out there. She replied that she was going to go tomorrow (Monday) and suggested that we could go at the same time, so we did. We set a time of 8:30-9:00 and we both went on a run. Not together of course because mum is in West Wales and I’m in Cardiff but it was really nice to think we were running at the same time. I felt she was with me in some weird way!


Race for Life 2013

I wanted to make sure I had a good breakfast and that I had it at least an hour before my run. So I had yogurt with blueberries and some honey, it was delicious I must say! I left a good hour after my breakfast but still managed to feel a stitch coming on within the first few minutes, can anyone shed any light? Is it what I’m eating or how I’m breathing? Anyway, I ran through the stitch, I’m getting good at that.


Me before the run

The first mile was the hardest; I ran down the street and found it very, very difficult to get my rhythm. You know when you concentrate on something so hard that it seems too difficult to do? That was how I felt. I tried to switch my mind off the rhythm and focus on something else. I did and I managed to keep going but I’ll tell you one thing, when my friendly little man on my Nike Running app said “one mile completed” I could have cried. It felt like I had been running for a lot longer and I could have stopped there and then, but I kept going. It’s strange, I really don’t know where my determination comes from when I’m running, I just seem to keep going when I really want to stop.


Me after the run

Now, for this run, I decided before I set out that I wanted to do my 5k, I had to know if I could do it as the Race for Life is creeping up on me ever so fast. My 5k run that I like to do in Cardiff is a lovely run, I go all around Roath Lake and it is beautiful. I will take my camera on a walk one day and show you the pictures, it is just stunning! The only thing is, the geese; I am afraid of the geese. They are big and scary and I swear they want to chase me (and even eat me). Ever since I heard that geese can be vicious animals, I have been very wary of them and on this run, there are LOADS of them. I talk to myself (in my head, obviously) the whole time I pass them saying “they won’t hurt you, just don’t look at them”. I guess there is one positive to come from the geese, they sure did make me run faster! Haha!


It was an absolutely stunning morning, the sun was blaring down on me and although this was lush, it also made running a little more difficult. I don’t know if it’s just me but when the sun shines on me and I’m running, I do feel a little bit sick. Anyway, I kept checking the app, seeing how long I had been running for and I thought, if I can just get to 3 miles (my 5k) I would be happy! Then, something very strange happened, my Nike Running app friend said “3 miles completed” and…I kept going. I could have stopped and walked home but there was something stopping me (from stopping). I have no idea what it is but I kept going. I even got back to the doorstep and it was on 3.88 miles so I ran back and forth to the end of the road to get to the 4. I did it, my longest (but slowest) ever run, 4 whole miles! I know this might not sound like much to a lot of people but to me, it was amazing and I felt really proud!


I have learnt from previous mistakes and I have made a running playlist. It was great. Although, there was one song on there that I deleted when I got in, ‘Dog Days Are Over’ by Florence and the Machine. No offence to them as I love that album but the song was just the wrong rhythm for my running.


Two songs that I loved were John Mayer ‘Waiting on the World to Change’ and Iggy Azalea with Jenifer Hudson ‘Trouble’. In fact I loved ‘Trouble’ so much, I put it on repeat when I got in. It’s a real feel good song!

IMG_20150526_154630[1] IMG_20150526_154650[1]

I felt a lot more comfortable on the run today (clothing wise) which is weird because I haven’t changed anything yet but I did my Nike trousers up very tight and only noticed them slipping once! I did however, get a nasty rash under my arm where I think my sports bra was rubbing, any suggestions for this would be lush. I also still felt a little tight in the chest (I really need to change the sports bra, don’t I? I will do so this weekend). Apart from that, I felt good. I had the following outfit on and it felt good.

IMG_20150526_154455[1] IMG_20150526_154238[1]

Sports Bra – Adidas (old so not on sale anymore)

Grey VestTopshop 

Trousers – Nike Running Trousers

Trainers – My trusty Nikes, the most comfortable pair I’ve ever owned!

I am so proud of myself for reaching the 4 mile mark! It felt like such an achievement. It really made me glad that I had been running lately.

Does anyone else’s face go this red by the way?


Jack saw it and asked me if I held my breath whilst running – cheeky! It ALWAYS happens, I go bright, bright red! Embarrassing!

Hope you’re all getting on okay with your exercising and enjoying it, like me. It is tough and a battle every time I do it, but it’s so completely worth it!

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