Friday 15th May 2015

Today has been an extremely happy day. I don’t think I have stopped smiling! Sorry for the delay, I’ve been busy being happy!

1. Name three things that made you smile today:

– Driving home in the sun, with my windows down, knowing I was driving to these beauties…


– Getting ready with my favourites, thanks Carl for my lush make-up! I think it’s lush anyway. Is that big headed? Who cares!


– Having a chat and a drink with the girls – perfect!

2. What are you grateful for?

My girls.


3. What did you do for you today?

Everything was for me today. I had the best day. I loved all my lessons and the evening has been amazing! 


Positive, positive, positive. Lush, lush day!

Hope you all have a lush weekend!

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