Friday 29th May 2015

What a LUSH day Friday was. I loved it.

1. Name three (or seven) things that made you smile today:

– Getting up early and getting ready for the day ahead. I made an effort as London can be such a fashionable place and although fashion isn’t my forté, I am working on it and decided that a day in London was the perfect test.


– Wandering around London with Dan, it was an absolutely lovely day, not weather wise as it was pouring, and we had loads of fun!

IMG_20150531_152307[1] IMG_20150531_152351[1]

– I finally got my act together and bough a sports bra, I must say, it feels amazing. Supportive but comfortable. It’s a class Nike Sports Bra and if you click here, it’ll take you to the link. 


– Going to one of my all time favourite shops, Topshop, Oxford Circus! There was some sort of promotion going on which meant it was turned into a huge arcade. This also meant it was absolutely heaving but we still managed to go in and have a look around. I love it there, the only thing is, I want EVERYTHING!

IMG_20150531_152523[1] IMG_20150531_152631[1]

– The sun came out! Thank you sunshine! We also went for a lovely, lovely lunch. I love how you can find a bit of everything in London.

IMG_20150531_152756[1] IMG_20150531_152834[1]

– The fun continued when we got back to Jack’s house. As we were waiting for Jack to come back from work, we tried my first ever Vlog and it was so funny. I won’t share as it was just a little joke but it was so much fun.  

– Jack got home and we all chilled and listened to some lush music. We then got ready and went out for a few drinks in Fulham and Chelsea. We went to a couple of places where they film MIC (Made in Chelsea) which I was really excited about and although I searched for many famous faces throughout the day/evening, I didn’t see any! Boo!!

IMG_20150531_152930[1] IMG_20150531_152944[1]

2. What are you grateful for?

London. We do love going there, every time we go!

3. What did you do for you today?

Loads, AGAIN! I did some shopping, had good food and had great company!

Today was an amazing day, I loved every second and absolutely loved spending time with my brother again! I miss him!

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