Saturday 30th May 2015

What a LUSH day Friday was. I loved it.

1. Name three (or seven) things that made you smile today:

– Heading into Kingston. It was so nice there and had some gorgeous shops. We went into Sweaty Betty and I really, REALLY wanted to buy the whole shop. They sell really gorgeous fitness clothing. Spending the day with Jack and Dan was such a laugh!

– The service in Lush. I was desperate to go into Lush because I really wanted a bath bomb for a relaxing bath when I got home. The ladies in there were absolutey lush (excuse the pun) and there was one in particular who was REALLY helpful. I wish I knew her name but thank you to her all the same!


– Home time came and although this made me really sad, something happened during our journey that is really funny now (it really wasn’t at the time). It goes a little something like this;

So we had to get from Jack’s house to Hammersmith Station to catch the train to Paddington where we were catching the train home. We left Jack’s with enough time to spare and got to Hammersmith in good time. However, for some unknown reason, the train decided it wasn’t going to leave the platform straight away and was going to sit and wait. Now, this was not good for us and true to form, we panicked; Dan and I were sitting there checking our watches every minute. Anyway, the train finally started moving and we got to Paddington with just 5 minutes to spare and we had to peg it to the train (because the platform wasn’t close). We ran through crowds of people with heavy bags on our backs, through the ticket barriers, sliding our tickets across as we went and I can honestly say, I have never been that out of breath. As we jumped on the train, it pulled away from the station, phewwwww, we made it! The funniest part about this is as we arrived to London on Thursday, I had said to Dan, “I don’t understand why everyone is in such a rush in London, why is everyone always late for something?” Haha! I think that was karma having some fun! I wish I had videoed this fiasco!

– We got home to our beautiful boy (Stevie, of course), it was so nice to see him.

– A lovely relaxing evening with Dan, consisting of pizza, ice cream, TV and naps. 

IMG_20150531_162644[1] IMG_20150530_202506[1]

Ignore the face, it’s not grumpy, it’s chilled.

2. What are you grateful for?

Happy memories of a lovely, lovely few days!


3. What did you do for you today?

Surprise, surprise, a lot of today was for me, AGAIN! I think I’ll pick one part though, I treated myself to some lovely bath bombs whilst shopping with two of my favourite people.

Today was another amazing day spent with amazing people.

Thank you London, it’s been a pleasure!


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