Monday 27th April 2015

Mondays are hard, today was hard; but through grey clouds comes the sun and I have my positives for today.


  1. Name three things that made you smile today:

– Videos and pictures of my nephew. He is so clever and seeing him grow makes me smile so much. He smiles, A LOT!

–  The support from my friends at work. They are truly amazing!

– A phone call to my mum (dad’s always in the background and I love this). This happens everyday but today’s was badly needed. They both never fail to lift my spirits; such positive people. Also, nearly every time I call, she tells me that her and dad have been talking about me that moment. I swear we’re telepathically connected. 


2. What are you grateful for?

Work friends. I don’t know what I’d do without them

3. What did you do for you today?

I got in, got into my PJ’s (don’t judge me), made tea, sat on my bum and watched Youtube videos. I’m still doing it now.


I can’t say I’m sorry to see the back of today but I’m glad that I have noted the positives as I can look back at this and remember how lucky I am to have such good family and friends. Peace out Monday…you did not win!

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