Sunday 3rd May 2015

Today was a good day; Dan and I took a trip into town and had a look around. It was lush!

  1. Name three things that made you smile today:

A lie in.

A day with Dan, rain or no rain.


– Okay, so, this third one has a story; sit tight and enjoy. So Dan and I went into town today and we parked in St Davids 2. We always park there and when it comes to paying for the parking ticket at the end of the trip, Dan thinks it’s funny to take it then pretend he hasn’t and won’t let me have it right until the last minute, when we’re by the barrier to get out. Anyway, today I was determined not to let this happen. So as soon as I paid, I waited for the ticket to come out and grabbed it first. I specifically remember putting it in my right pocket of my coat and thinking, it’ll be safe and easy to get at there. On the way down the spiral car park, Dan said to me, “have you got the ticket?” I thought it would be funny to try and trick him so, I told him I didn’t. I tried so hard to keep a straight face but if you know me, you’ll know I can’t lie very well. So I told him “yesssss, I’ve got it, I don’t trust you with it.” We pulled up to the barrier, I went into my coat pocket and….uh oh, it wasn’t there. I had a sharp intake of breath and my eyes went wide, I was panicking; searching through my bag like there was no tomorrow (my bag is a bit of a mess at the moment). Anyway, no ticket, it wasn’t anywhere to be seen. I had to put my hazards on so that cars didn’t pull behind me; both Dan and I were so embarrassed, people kept looking. I used the ‘call’ button on the machine and the lady answered (really loudly), she took my reg and opened the barrier. I got two minutes down the road and had to stop at traffic lights. As we were stopped, I looked down the side of the door. Oh dear, there was my ticket. I couldn’t help but laugh! Dan didn’t find it so funny! Haha! 

I know what you’re thinking – what a great story!

2. What are you grateful for?



3. What did you do for you today?

I stayed in bed a little longer than usual. Normally, this feels like a waste of a day for me but today, I really enjoyed it!!


Rain won’t stop our fun. We had a lovely day!

I hope you did too!

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