Thursday 28th May 2015

Hello everyone.

I am so sorry for the delay but the last few days have been both the busiest and the best and the blog has had to sit on the side lines for a bit. However, I didn’t forget about it and I didn’t forget about you, I have been keeping a track of my positives as I go along and written them down so that I could do this when I returned. So, enjoy!!

1. Name three things that made you smile today:

Once again, why have three when you can have more?

– Waking up and my mum and dad being here, I love, love, love having them around! It was also nice not to be the one rushing off to work (sorry mum)!

– Spending the day with dad. He built some shelves for us and they are amazing. He made them fit so that I could squeeze awkward items into the cupboard, maximising space. Now, you might think, shelves? Why does this make her happy? I love everything to be organised, neat and easy to get to so this is the best! Thanks dad!


– I managed to get work done and do some blog. Productive day that I spent with someone dear!

– The fun didn’t stop there as Dan and I made our way to the train station and set off to London. It was so nice not to have to worry about driving and for the first time, in a long time, I switched off. I read my book and switched off from the real world. It was lush and who better to spend it with than…

IMG_20150531_141509[1] IMG_20150531_141541[1]

– Arriving in London and knowing that in about 20 minutes, I would see my big brother. I love spending time with him and was so excited to see where he lived and meet his friends.


– Receiving a picture from our cat-sitters (thanks mum and dad). 


2. What are you grateful for?

My family – for making my life both easier and exciting.

3. What did you do for you today?

Loads…! Everything was for me today, surely? My favourite thing was making the time to see my brother!

IMG_20150531_143549 (1)

What a lovely day it was, tiring but lovely! Hope yours was good too!

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