Tuesday 26th May 2015

Hello everyone!

I’m guessing everyone is enjoying this lovely weather? So am I! It is gorgeous and that combined with half term has really made me happy!

Anyway, today has been a productive day. I have completed a lot of school work and feel a little more organised, done the washing and finally got to the bottom of the ever growing pile (how boring), started writing a new big blog, written my exercise blog and taken some time to chill. I actually don’t know how I managed to fit it all in, but I did and it feels good! Sorry to rub it in if you have had a less productive day!

Anyway, here are my positives, enjoy!

1. Name three things that made you smile today:

– Staying in comfortable clothes all day with only my Benefit High Beam on to make me look more alive! Wearing no other make-up really has felt good on my skin!

IMG_20150526_180227[1] IMG_20150526_090419[1]

– Getting ever so closer to seeing my parents. They are coming to stay tomorrow and I can’t wait. I love having them around!

IMG_20150526_181509[1] IMG_20150526_181604[1]

– Getting some work done. Even though it can be tedious at times (as I’m sure all work is) it felt so good to get it done and organised for the next half term!


2. What are you grateful for?

Productiveness – I was severely lacking in this until this week. Yay to getting things done! 


3. What did you do for you today?

Um, well I have blogged which is always for me but other than that, not a lot. I shall HAVE to have a bath later to rectify this! Yes, it’s a must!


Happy Tuesday folks! Why is it that it always goes so much faster when I’m not in work? Haha!

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