Tuesday 5th May 2015

The sky is looking very grey outside at the moment, but I’m inside in the warm with my PJ’s on, chilling. So, I’m happy. Just so you know, I have retyped and retyped the below. I feel I’ve been a little grumpy today, not intentionally, I just have. Sorry.

  1. Name three things that made you smile today:

– Waking up and realising I still had an hour left to sleep. I needed it this morning and that hour was needed. 

– Researching my blog. I got in after a busy day in work; I did some chores, had a shower and I am finally sitting down. I have been looking forward all day to coming home and do blog stuff (not because I’m wishing my life away but because I love writing my blog) so to be sitting down and doing it and researching for it, feels good and is making me happy. 


– A message from Carly to say it was only 10 sleeps until I get to see them all and spend the weekend with them. I am really looking forward! It will be so lush to catch up! I miss them so much.

 IMG_20150505_201720[1] IMG_3406

2. What are you grateful for?

My blog, I really do love it!

3. What did you do for you today?

I did some research for my blog, sorry to go on but that’s just the way it is.


Rain, rain stay away, I want to wear my flip flops for another day!

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