5 Ways to get Motivated Now

1. Read Sounds weird; why would you read when you are trying to convince yourself to get up and go? I don't mean read a good novel, relax and unwind. I mean read a success story, read relatable stories about people like you (and me) who struggle to get out and go, but do. It … Continue reading 5 Ways to get Motivated Now

On my way to my first 10k

Exercise is hard. It's essential yes, but it's hard. I guess it's the same with everything in the world, some people love it, some just get on with it and some can't abide it. For pretty much most of my life, I have hated it. I don't want to and I try so hard not … Continue reading On my way to my first 10k

My Weekly Positives – 23rd Sept 2016

It's Friday!! No, some of you may be familiar with this process of my "positives" however some of you may not be. If you're not, all can be explained in a previous blog and if you click here, you will be taken to that very blog! 🙂 This may be worth a read before you … Continue reading My Weekly Positives – 23rd Sept 2016

Cancer; so much more than just a word!

So, my ‘Race for Life’ is THIS Sunday and I can’t wait. Sounds funny doesn’t it? Someone who usually finds it incredibly difficult to find motivation to do any exercise at all, is excited about running 5K? Hard to believe isn’t it (especially if you’ve read my exercise blogs) but I am though, I’m excited. … Continue reading Cancer; so much more than just a word!

Why can’t I ‘just do it’?

I have been putting this blog off for a little while…for many reasons really, but the main reasons are that I am lazy, not motivated and dread the idea of exercising; a terrible combination really! I knew as soon as this was published, I would have to keep to my word or I would look … Continue reading Why can’t I ‘just do it’?